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Sometimes, a day comes along that is meant to celebrate those folks who work quietly in the background as unsung heroes, protecting and working for the health of their entire community. And that’s what World Pharmacists Day is all about!

History of World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day was the brainchild of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique, or FIP for short), with the council of this organization voting to establish the event in the late 2000s during a conference they staged in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of the day is to bring attention to pharmacies and the positive benefits they offer when it comes to health, and the FIP encourages all of its members to get involved to make the event a success.

The significance of September 25th for World Pharmacists Day is because this is the anniversary of the day, in 1912, that the International Pharmaceutical Federation was founded. Since 2009, the day has been celebrated each year.

In 2020, believing that the need for paying attention to pharmacists was greater than what one day would allow, the FIP established World Pharmacy Week. This extended the opportunities for celebration and education around the topic of pharmacists and pharmaceutical medicines.

One of the key objectives of the FIP is to “advance pharmacy practice on a global level”, and raising awareness through World Pharmacists Day is just one of the ways that the organization works toward this end.

Each year the organization announces a different theme so that associations and individuals in the pharmaceutical industry can put together national campaigns or local projects to showcase the good work they do in helping to improve the health of people around the world. This can include giving lectures, holding exhibitions, or organizing an activity day for adults and kids to demonstrate the many ways that a pharmacy can help them.

Some past themes in recent years have included:

  • Pharmacy strengthening health systems (2023)
  • Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world (2022)
  • Pharmacy: always trusted for your health (2021)
  • Safe and effective medicines for all (2019)

In addition to World Pharmacists Day, another day worth celebrating that falls right along this vein is National Pharmacist Day which is situated in the month of January.

How to Celebrate World Pharmacists Day

Get on board and show some appreciation to pharmacists near and far by celebrating and enjoying World Pharmacists Day. Get creative with plans or observe the day with some of these ideas:

Thank a Pharmacist

One of the best ways to go about observing World Pharmacists Day would be to head on over to the local pharmacy just to say thank you and show appreciation for the one who provides medicines as well as advice on a regular basis. Perhaps even offer the team of pharmacists a thank you card for the attention and care they offer to make sure that all of the medicines taken by the family (especially elderly folks) are safe to be taken all together.

Show Some Love to a Special Pharmacist

Those who have a pharmacist (or two!) in their family or friend group might want to make a big deal out of them in celebration of World Pharmacists Day! Take them out to dinner, surprise them with their favorite coffee drink, host a party in their honor, or have loved ones shower them with a myriad of thank you cards. Whatever would make a pharmacist friend feel loved is exactly the activity that should be done on this day.

Create a World Pharmacists Day Strategy

Those who run pharmacies, whether local or international, can participate in World Pharmacists Day and expand their reach with a marketing strategy for the day. The FIP website offers an array of resources to help with this purpose, including campaign plans, research and partnerships, as well as media and communication tips.

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