It is hard to find a person in society today that has not been touched by cancer in some way, either directly or indirectly. World Cancer Day hopes to honor those who are fighting and those who have been lost to this dreadful disease. Take a moment and sit with me while I tell you about this unique day of remembrance and determination. I promise you’ll understand the day more and be ready to take your part in helping others so that perhaps one day there will be some in society that are not touched by cancer.

History of World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a fairly new holiday to bring light to this ages old disease. At the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris, this day was formally organized by what is called the Paris Charter. The charter was created with many goals. The Paris charter aimed at promoting research for a prevention and cure for cancer. Also, the charter hopes to bring awareness and change to the services provided to patients. They knew that increased awareness and information would help to mobilize the global community to help combat cancer. In the spirit of this charter, World Cancer Day was created.

With the advent of World Cancer Day, it was hoped that it would keep the Paris Charter in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. The goals and ideas of the Charter will never be lost as long as there is even just one person to celebrate the day.

How to celebrate World Cancer Day

Wondering what you can do to honor this day? Glad you asked! You can honor World Cancer Day by educating yourself and those around you. The “We can. I can.” campaign is a global movement to bring awareness, research, and information to everyone it can reach. Find more information about them by putting World Cancer Day into your browser and all the answers will be right there in front of you. There are more places to find answers as well. The Cancer Societies in many nations have resources available as well. If you look in your community you will be sure to find many activities that you can join into to help raise funds for research and education. There are events all through the year, not just on this day that you can attend.

Are you in a position to lead an event in a school or organization? Even better! Reach out to the folks at the World Cancer Day website. There you will find posters and contact information to organizations that you can assist. There is even some ideas on things you can do with your group. So, if it in honor of someone you loved, or for your own battle, it’s time to help make a step towards a day where cancer is no longer a common topic of conversation. Pick up the mantel and help us! Honor World Cancer Day and join the fight!

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