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Whether working with young children in their early years, teaching in elementary schools or even colleges, teachers and support staff do important work every day to invest in the lives of children. National Thank a Teacher Day is here to join groups of people together in showing appreciation for and encouraging these amazing individuals. 

History of National Thank a Teacher Day

Getting its start in 2013, the campaign for National Thank a Teacher Day was established by the Teaching Awards Trust in the UK. The purpose of the day is to show support for and celebrate the teachers as well as support staff all throughout the country, also with the hope of elevating the profession within all communities. Over the years of observing this day, different celebrities have lent their names to the campaign in support of teachers, including famous chefs Jamie Oliver and Nadiya Hussain as well as actor Will Poulter.

As part of the celebration, the organization started a Thank a Teacher Day website that offers resources and helps people get involved. This platform allows students, parents, colleagues and others to send a free personalized email message to teachers and support staff throughout the UK. The organization also offers access through various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. 

How to Celebrate National Thank a Teacher Day

Looking for some ideas to get involved with observing and celebrating National Thank a Teacher Day? Get started with some of these ideas:

Thank a Teacher

Teachers and school support staff do so much to care for, educate, and prepare children for the future. This can often be a challenging job that comes with a great deal of sacrifice. So today is the time to foster gratefulness, letting them all know how much they are needed and appreciated. Write out a card, give them a small gift, send them a message or make a post on social media to show some love and affection for a special teacher. Those in the UK can access the National Thank a Teacher Day website to have an e-card sent.

Consider Becoming a Teacher

One of the hopes behind National Thank a Teacher Day is to promote those within the educational profession. One great way for younger people to get involved might be to consider whether they would enjoy becoming a teacher as a career. With the opportunity to care for and invest in the lives of children, being a teacher is a noble profession that is always looking for excellent individuals to join.

Nominate a Teacher

The association between National Thank a Teacher Day and the Teaching Awards Trust makes this a perfect time to honor a special teacher by nominating them for an award. Folks in the UK might consider nominating their teachers for the “Unsung Hero Award”. Others may place their teachers on the list for local or national awards based on where they live.

Other celebrations related to National Thank a Teacher Day include National Teacher Day in May and World Teachers Day in October.  

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