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Gravy Day

Honoring Paul Kelly's festive ballad, celebrating familial bonds and memories, adds a melodic touch to Christmas traditions.

Thales Day

An ancient philosopher, he revolutionized early Greek thought with his inquiries into the nature of the universe.

Birth Mother’s Day

Recognizing the love and sacrifice, embracing a choice that shapes lives, honoring courage and compassion unconditionally.

National Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Girl Scout leaders empower young girls, fostering confidence, leadership skills, and a strong sense of community.

International Au Pair Day

Au pairs provide cultural exchange, childcare, and enriching experiences, fostering global connections and lasting friendships worldwide.

National I Love You Day

Expressing affection and care creates meaningful connections, nurturing bonds and enriching lives with love's warmth.

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National Talk in an Elevator Day

Break the taboo and make new friends by striking up a conversation in an elevator, rather than sitting around in awkward silence until one of you gets off.

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