Hey there, cowpoke, you fancy the pickled eggs of a large fish?

What? No! No, thank you but no.

You sure? Damn fine. It’s good eatin’.

Right… What does it come with? Salad?

Salad? Like, foliage? Pfft! A spoon is all you need, pilgrim.

Okay. Okay, sorry, but… you want me to eat salted ovarian fish eggs, straight from a plate? No bread or mayo or anything?

Yup! It’s what we do round these parts. Like beans ‘n’ biscuits. Hoooooo-wee!

I see… I think I’ll pass. Thanks all the same though.

Suit y’rself. Mmmmm, that’s a middle-to-upper class extravagance right there!

(Caviar Day – celebrated from the dimension where sturgeon eggs are valued most highly in the Wild West.)


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