It’s Fudge Day, an occasion I can truly appreciate and enjoy. Woop woop!

Obviously I celebrated with some fudge (duh), but it wasn’t just any fudge, it was bloomin’ delicious handmade fudge sent 300 miles as a gift from The Wee Fudge Company in Glasgow.

Starting with the raspberries and white chocolate version, with its perfect combination of creaminess and subtle tang (quite a nice oxymoron for you there), I couldn’t resist trying some maple fudge immediately afterwards… and that was where the carnage began. For you see, I’ve never experienced any confectionery that starts with an almost crispy veneer, before literally melting on the tongue to release the most amazing flavour that you simply don’t want to share with anyone else because it’s that good!

It was a wonderful treat, and one that I not only had before my dinner (tut tut), but actually ate whilst in the car because I was too addicted to leave any for when I got home (hence the photo I quickly took before it was demolished).

Plus each bag comes with its own little tartan bow. Dawwwwwww.

So thank you, Joyce Brady of The Wee Fudge Company, I’ll definitely be in touch again soon (I’ll most likely say it’s for someone’s birthday, but you’ll know I’m fibbing).

Oh, and today is also Juggling Day… would you believe me if I said I juggled the fudge before scoffing it? Nah, neither would I.



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