Man, I’ve got tons of useless stuff. You know those catalogues you get through your door with pages full of totally pointless crap? You flick through, sneering at those who would ever buy any of it, then suddenly see something you simply must have. Then you feel especially stupid and ashamed because not only have you been taken in by the hypnotic powers of the close-up photography and overblown product description, but you remember you bought one the last time you received that very same catalogue through your door. And never used it.

Yeah, my house is full of that stuff. Well, my cupboards and drawers are – it’s so useless that I’d never have it out on display and trying to sell it would be futile. Who wants to buy a secondhand heat mitt for rubbing over your body, for God’s sake?

Oh wait, Use Less Stuff Day. Right. In that case I’ll just chuck this new edition of the catalogue straight into the recycling bin. That’ll do the trick nicely, especially if I don’t bother to order those leather guards for protecting cushion corners…

*reaches for phone*


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