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Learn a bit more about this important medical issue that affects thousands of pregnant women and their babies each year, all over the world. Alloimmunization and HDFN Day offers an opportunity to understand more, raise awareness, and provide hope for families who are struggling with this medical problem that can sometimes have heartbreaking outcomes. 

Show some support to families affected by this issue by getting involved with Alloimmunization and HDFN Day!

History of Alloimmunization and HDFN Day

Alloimmunization in pregnancy happens when the immune system of the mother and her unborn baby do not work together. Also sometimes called Rh disease or isoimmunization, when left untreated this issue can create problems in pregnancy including different harmful illnesses, or even stillbirth or infant death.

When a mother’s body makes red blood cell antibodies that work against the fetus, these antibodies can cross the placenta and lead to a disease in the child called HDFN. Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and Newborn is an illness that occurs in approximately 1-2% of pregnancies every year and doctors must be very proactive to keep the baby healthy.

Alloimmunization and HDFN Day was started in 2023 by the Allo Hope Foundation with the purpose of raising awareness about this health issue and offering support to those who need it. The non-profit organization behind the day was established by families who have experienced loss because of alloimmunization, under the support of doctors who are known to be some of the best experts in treating this rare disease.

How to Observe Alloimmunization and HDFN Day

Raise awareness and show support to families who need it by observing Alloimmunization and HDFN Day with some of these ideas:

Learn More about Alloimmunization and HDFN 

One of the best ways to celebrate this important day might be to get more educated about this unique and rare medical issue. A bit of online research about the disease might reveal some information, while connecting with the Allo Hope Foundation website could also be a great way to learn.

Consider and share some of these facts to get started:

  • Over 90% of babies born to mothers with alloimmunization will go on to lead a healthy and normal life, as long as the disease is treated properly.

  • Babies affected by alloimmunization and who acquire HDFN can be helped through special doctors called Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists.

  • Fetuses who are affected by this issue can become anemic, requiring an Intrauterine Blood Transfusion (IUT).

  • When a baby has HDFN, they are at risk for many health issues such as high bilirubin, brain damage, organ damage, neutropenia and other issues.

Show Support for the Allo Hope Foundation

Get involved with Alloimmunization and HDFN Day by making a difference in the life of a family who is impacted by this medical disease. Whether making a donation or volunteering for this non-profit organization, get involved and show support for mothers with alloimmunization by helping to provide care and preventative treatment for people in underserved communities in the United States and other countries around the world.

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