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Raise awareness about this important surgery that has saved the lives of millions of women and babies over the past 200 years! National Cesarean Section Day celebrates the lives of people all over the world who would not be here without this critical surgical procedure.

History of Cesarean Section Day

Since the dawn of human history, childbirth has been a meaningful, yet dangerous, experience for women and their babies. In ancient times, the mortality rate of mothers and their babies was significantly higher than it is today.

The early history of cesarean section (also known as C-section) births dates back to Roman times, although it was typically used to save a baby still in the womb whose mother had died while in childbirth. While some ancient Jewish texts reveal that surgery may have been possible to also save that mother, these surgeries were rare and dangerous, and usually the mother still could not recover.

In 1794, Dr. Jesse Bennett, was recorded as the first doctor in the United States to successfully deliver a child and save the mother through the use of cesarean section surgery. A couple of decades later, in the early 1800s, the first successful cesarean section surgery to be performed by a female surgeon took place in the British Empire.

Techniques for cesarean section surgeries have continued to evolve over time and, today, modern doctors are proficient at successfully using this type of surgery for women and babies who have certain health issues.

National Cesarean Section Day was established to celebrate the miracles of life and modern medicine!

How to Celebrate Cesarean Section Day

Consider some of these reasons to celebrate and show appreciation on National Cesarean Section Day:

Celebrate Babies Born by Cesarean Section

This is the time to be thankful for those babies and mothers who are living happy and healthy lives after going through this surgery. Though surgery is not usually the preferred way for most babies to enter the world, National Cesarean Section Day celebrates the medical advances that have kept so many people alive. Those with a family member or friend who experienced this can congratulate them on this day!

Get Educated About C-Section Births

Those who wish to be moms and dads at some time in the future, or those who are simply interested in the science of modern medicine, may want to learn more in honor of National Cesarean Section Day.

Consider some of these facts:

  • A woman who is awake during a C-section can still feel. Although she can’t feel pain or temperature, she might still feel sensations like tugging and pulling.
  • C-sections are major surgery. This is not an easy way to have a baby as it means cutting through many layers of tissue, which requires a longer recovery period.
  • More than 30% of deliveries in the US are cesarean section. This rate drops to 10-15% in other parts of the world, which raises questions about the motivation of American doctors to perform so many surgeries.

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