Every book is a quotation; every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have a history, and that history extends far back beyond ourselves. Every ancestor we have has left their mark on us and has been the formation of tradition and culture within our lives. There is a certain comfort in knowing where we came from, and Family History Day encourages us to delve into the people who came together to make us who we are today. But our genealogy is even more important than just knowing our origins!

History of Family History Day

Our family histories have been important since far into pre-history, and have only grown in importance in the years since. Our family history tells us who we are, and where we’re from, and what great line of ancestors we all come from. Family history was held in high regard by people of every stripe, carrying the honors and dishonors of everyone who came before them. In the medieval ages, one’s lineage was of such import that entire texts were created tracing the lineage of every noble person in the various lands.

The science of studying one’s family history is called genealogy, and in recent years its become important for reasons beyond tracking your family line. Many conditions and diseases have been discovered to be congenital, meaning that they pass from mother or father to child. Tracking your family history means that doctors can keep an eye out for these conditions during your visits, and may be able to prevent or slow their progress as you age.

Who would have thought that Family History Day would be as much about where you came from, as where you’re going? With the newest technology, we can now ensure that you and your descendants will live with greater health.

How to Celebrate Family History Day

It all starts with collecting what you know about your family and compiling it together. If you’re lucky like we are you’ll have a family member who had a passion for genealogy and will have started the footwork for you, if not, its time to hit the books! There are websites and organizations that can help you trace your family line, including using DNA samples to help identify unknown relatives! Who knows how big your family really is? Family History Day encourages you to find out!

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