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For those unfortunate folks who don’t already know how to fish, or for those who know how but don’t often get the chance to go, then this is the perfect opportunity to get out there. Because this month is National Fishing Month!

Fishing is a fairly easy, enjoyable activity to do for people of all ages, and it has practically been around since the beginning of humanity itself! Fishing month is the time to enjoy and appreciate everything that has to do with the hobby (or career) of fishing.

Throughout National Fishing Month, people tend to go out to their local parks and recreation centers and fish to their heart’s content, learning from coaches how to cast the lines, and catching the biggest fish they can possibly find.

It’s time to learn about National Fishing Month and get ready to celebrate!

History of National Fishing Month

Fishing has probably been around for as long as humanity has, since fish are a staple part of people’s diets and have influenced cultures going back for thousands of years.

As cultures developed and fishing turned from a necessity into a commodity in various places throughout the world, fly fishing became a popular sport and leisure activity from the 19th century onward. Inventions such as the Nottingham reel, fiberglass rods and synthetic bait have served to make fishing an easier and more accessible activity for many to enjoy as a career, for sport or for leisure.

For those who are interested in learning more about fishing as a sport, fishing competitions can now be seen in lots of places on television stations all over the world. And, of course, whenever there’s a local park with a lake or river near it, it’s now easy enough for anyone to buy a fishing pole and go out fishing to see what might be available as the catch of the day!

Fishing, whether as a common necessity, a sport, or a recreational activity, has proved itself able to bring people of all ages a bit of fun as well as tasty morsel of food. Plus, many avid fishermen find the activity to be relaxing, since it often includes a large amount of quiet and solitude.

National Fishing Month, inspired by fishing enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, is a month when people can be intentional about coming together to learn about fishing practices, develop their reeling-in skills, and make the most fun out of this simple activity.

Throughout the month, coaches can be found helping new fishers to learn the important skills and techniques related to fishing. This might include skills such as preparing the line, hooking the bait, and learning how to spot where the best fishing spots are in a certain body of water.

In some places, in honor of National Fishing Month, the fees for fishing might be waived, allowing people of all ages to try out fishing for themselves to see if they like it. In addition, hundreds of localized events can be found happening all over the world during National Fishing Month, as people come together to celebrate fishing and teach each other the craft of this enjoyable pastime.

Now it’s time to celebrate National Fishing Month!

How to Celebrate National Fishing Month

Celebrating National Fishing Month can be an enjoyable activity that is fun but also pretty low key, since fishing is such a calm sport. Try these ideas for enjoying National Fishing Month alone or with some fishing buddies:

Learn How to Fish

Want to learn how to fish? Take a fishing class and learn from a taught coach about the wonders of fishing. Or, for less money, find an older family member (grandpas and uncles are often avid fishermen) who might be willing to show some of the ropes.

Pick Up Some Fishing Equipment

Don’t have the equipment to get started with fishing? Then it’s time to head on over to a local sporting goods store or sports shop to purchase a personal set of fishing gear. This might include rods, reels, hooks, lines, bait, lures, nets and more. A tackle box will also come in handy, and waders might be useful for those who are planning to go fly fishing in a local stream.

Of course, some people may be ready to celebrate National Fishing Month but aren’t sure if they like it enough to buy new gear! In that case, ask around to friends, family or coworkers who seem like they might be the outdoor type. They may be willing to loan their gear out–or even go with and give a free lesson!

It may also be possible to rent fishing gear for those who are able to head on over to a national park that has fishing as an activity.

Plan a Fishing Trip

Tell friends and family about Fishing month ahead of time and plan for a fishing trip together. Invite friends out to fish and see what kind of local fish it is possible to reel up.

It is important to check ahead of time about what types of fishing licenses are required in each particular area. Most national parks and rivers have some sort of requirement for getting permission to fish there. Some places are catch and release, while others are stocked specifically to provide a source of food for avid fishermen.

Just be ready to get up early for this fishing trip because everyone knows that the best summer fishing happens in the wee hours of the morning while it’s still dark and quiet out! Those fish are hungry for breakfast and a tasty worm or other type of bait is exactly what they’ll want. Spring and autumn might bring about better fishing results at dusk.

But whatever time of day, a fishing trip (whether alone or with friends and family) is probably the best way to celebrate National Fishing Month!

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