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National Talk in an Elevator Day

Break the taboo and make new friends by striking up a conversation in an elevator, rather than sitting around in awkward silence until one of you gets off.


A guide to celebrating Jul 26th

We start our day by engaging in some holistic therapy; whether it’s meditation, yoga, or simply a peaceful walk in nature, taking time for self-care sets a positive tone. Next, we celebrate Disability Independence by supporting businesses that empower individuals with disabilities, or by educating ourselves on the challenges they face. In the spirit of Dog Photography Day, we grab our cameras and head to a local shelter to take pictures of adorable pups in need of forever homes. As we appreciate system administrators, we treat ourselves to an extra cup of coffee milkshake, because who doesn’t deserve a little indulgence? For BagelFest, we could whip up our own bagel creations at home or support a local bakery. Aunt and Uncle Day calls for a phone call, a visit, or a thoughtful card to show our appreciation for those special family members. All or Nothing Day encourages us to take a leap of faith – maybe it’s finally starting that project we’ve been putting off. Finally, let’s use our voices on One Voice Day by advocating for a cause we believe in. Each of these holidays offers a chance to connect, celebrate, reflect, and make a difference – and that’s one jam-packed day worth enjoying.

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