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Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is a genetic condition that leads to a range of developmental difficulties that may include cognitive impairment and learning disabilities. It is considered to be the most common inherited single gene that causes autism and many people believe that a better understanding of this gene could lead to discovering better solutions for autism. Fragile X Awareness Day is here to spread the word. 

History of Fragile X Awareness Day

The first official Fragile X Awareness Day in the US was celebrated in 2000 when the day was passed through a resolution in the Senate. Sometimes also called World Fragile X Day, this event is meant to celebrate the families who are impacted by Fragile X while highlighting the advancements that have been made for the treatments of this genetic disorder. As awareness is raised about this syndrome, this brings about more support and more accessibility to research, support, funding and, ultimately, the hope for a cure.

For the past couple of decades, various activities have taken place in celebration of Fragile X Awareness Day, the most popular of which is the lighting of monuments all throughout the world. This illumination is sponsored by hundreds of important partners, and a map making note of the different places can be found on the Fragile X Day website

The National Fragile X Foundation has taken things further and designated the entire month of July as Fragile X Awareness Month, giving more time and space for this important topic.

How to Celebrate Fragile X Awareness Day

Get involved and raise awareness for a good cause by connecting with events and activities on Fragile X Awareness Day. Check out some of these ideas to get started with:

Learn About Fragile X 

Fragile X Awareness Day is an ideal time to get a bit more knowledgeable about this condition, taking time to share the information in an effort to raise awareness. Consider some of these facts about Fragile X to get started:

  • Because babies are not regularly tested for FXS, parents may not discover it for a few years.

  • While FXS has some similarities in different people, it does not affect everyone in the same way.

  • Although FXS does not have a cure, the earlier the diagnosis, the better the opportunity to get services and treatments.

  • FXS is quite a bit more common in boys than in girls, and the symptoms are more severe in boys than in girls.

Host a Fragile X Awareness Event

Communities can rally together to show support for those families who are affected by Fragile X as well as to raise awareness throughout the public. Teachers and parents might consider hosting an educational campaign at schools where community members can get involved. University campuses and medical clinics can host seminars or webinars on the topic to educate those working in affected fields. Those who arrange to hold events and activities can add them to the world wide map

Make a Donation for Fragile X Syndrome

Make a difference in the life of a family affected by Fragile X Syndrome by making a donation to an organization that gives assistance to families with the therapies and support needed. In addition, funds can be used to perform research that may lead to improved solutions.

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