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What’s in a name? Fun Facts About Names Day encourages you to learn about the historical meanings and influences behind your name and the names of your friends and families. Uncover historical and religious influences, who you were named after, and see how name trends have changed over generations!

What does your name mean? Does it have religious roots? Just how old do you think your name is? What country or culture did your name come from? These are all questions you should be asking today – and of course, with a little research, you should be finding them out!

History of Fun Facts About Names Day

There’s no doubt that the way that names have evolved is an incredibly interesting topic, once you get down to it. Different generations will often have different names, some more popular than the others, and many created according to trends of the time.

Perhaps you or members of your family were named after a famous film star or a character in a book which your parents were fond of.

And it’s not just your first name you could look into – family names have even more of a wealth of history behind them. For many people, their last name originally came from the occupation of their ancestors – for others, due to an amalgam of the last names of a married couple at some point down the line.

You may find after looking into it carefully that your last name takes you back to your ancestors on the other side of the world. Maybe you have royalty in your bloodline, or perhaps even some key historical figures. Today is the day to find out!

How to celebrate Fun Facts About Names Day

This is a great excuse to take the time out to find out what your name means. Maybe you could ask your parents why they named you what they did, or ask your older relatives about the history of your last name.

These days, it’s not hard to find out the meaning of your names – there are plenty of online databases which feature thousands of names and their meanings, many even with the different variations of names that have been seen across the centuries; so today, take a look at the history of your name and the names of your family. You never know, you might unearth something really cool about your family!

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