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It was in the year 1960, on a foggy island found Nor-Norwest of Spain that music history changed forever. Four young proto-gods came together to form what would be one of the most influential rock bands to ever come out of England, if not the entire world. We’re speaking, of course, of the Beatles. Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr. These four boys came together to change the world one song at a time.

Learning about Global Beatles Day

Global Beatles Day, which is also commonly referred to as World Beatles Day, is a yearly holiday that takes place to celebrate and honor the ideals of The Beatles. The event is celebrated with a number of events around the world and music that celebrate harmony and peace. In 2018, Cuba used the occasion to put on a Beatles film festival, so as you can see, it is definitely a date with a lot of international flavor and plenty of popularity.

The Beatles by Numbers

  • The Beatles have sold more than 600 million albums across the world
  • In the United States alone, they have sold over 1.6 billion singles
  • They have knocked themselves off the number one position in the UK chart twice
  • The Beatles have won seven Grammy Awards
  • Their song “Hey Jude” spent 19 weeks in the charts
  • They have had more number one hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart than any other band, with 20 number ones
  • In the UK, Beatles albums spent 174 weeks at the top of the charts in total
  • “Yesterday” is the most covered song in history; it has been covered over 3,000 times

Pretty impressive, right? When you look at these figures, it is of no surprise that we have a day to honor The Beatles! If you don’t know much about The Beatles, we would definitely recommend using Global Beatles Day to learn more about the band. You will be amazed by their achievements.

History of Global Beatles Day

Global Beatles Day was created by a fan of the band, Faith Cohen. The day started in 2009, and Faith calls it a “love letter” or “thank you” to The Beatles. The date was selected because it is the same date that the band participated in Our World in 1967, which was a program on the BBC that was also broadcast to a global audience. They performed their song “All You Need Is Love.”

While they started their career like most musical groups, playing cheap dive clubs all over their home town of Liverpool, their manager was an artisan of his craft and helped guide them to rise to their potential. Their explosion in popularity came on the heels of their first hit song “Love Me Do”, and love them we did, it didn’t take long before the entire world was caught up in Beatlemania.

Global Beatles Day celebrates the huge influence they brought to the world, not just with their musical sounds, but with the values they professed and believed in. Throughout their entire career they promoted the idea that we could all live in a peaceful world, built on the ideas of truth, love, and reaching beyond the boundaries of current human consciousness. Through their music they instigated changes in the ways people express themselves, fashion trends, sex, art, and the embracing of the imagination.

How to celebrate Global Beatles Day

The Beatles give us a lot of material to work with when it comes to celebrating a day dedicated to them. Perhaps on Global Beatles Day you can show up at work dressed as your favorite Beatle, or just spend the day listening to your favorite Beatles album. Trips down to your local crosswalk with a group of friends can serve as an opportunity to recreate the cover of the Abbey Park album.

With a lot of creativity and an encyclopedic knowledge of the Beatles discography, you can probably produce a quote from a song throughout the day to suit just about any situation! Even better, get together with a group of your buddies and throw ‘Yellow Submarine’ in the media player, and watch a psychedelic trip through one of the most famous albums of all time!

You should also do a little bit of digging to see if there are any events going on in your area. A lot of festivals and music events take place during this period.

If you’re someone who likes to go clubbing with your friends, you will probably find that there are a lot of Beatles-themed nights going on as well. Plus, if you turn on your television, you are bound to see plenty of Beatles documentaries being played, so if you’re more of a night-in type of person, you can grab some snacks and watch some of these.

If there aren’t any events that are going on in your local area that tickle your fancy, there are usually online celebrations that take place as well! You can join in with online communities, sharing your Beatles memories and your favorite songs. There are even Beatles-themed comic strips and other creations that are floating around during Global Beatles Day, so you won’t be short of different things to do!

The Beatles still stand as one of the most influential bands of all time, famous all over the world to this very day.  The prevalence of them in the worldwide culture can be seen in everything from choices of music for movie backdrops to jokes that are made around the world, from visual to audio.  Global Beatles Day is a great time to remember these pioneers of the music industry and honor the change they brought to the world.

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