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Feel better, live better and celebrate a healthy, balanced lifestyle by getting involved with Harmonize Your Health Day. It’s a great time to become more proactive in taking care of your health, including mental, emotional and physical, through the path created by this important day. 

History of Harmonize Your Health Day

Harmonize Your Health Day was established to draw attention to the balance that everyone’s body and mind craves. The history of the day can be traced back through a company called Somavedic, which started in 2010 and has been providing customers with products to bring harmony to their health ever since.

Celebrated in April as a nod to the anniversary of the company who founded it, the idea behind the day is that natural science is combined with frequency therapy to restore healthy sleep – which, in turn, supports a harmonious lifestyle.

As East meets West and science meets practices that encompass the mind, body and soul, events such as Harmonize Your Health Day can act as reminders and opportunities to seek more balance and harmony in everyday life. With the hope of detaching from the clutter in the mind and in life, the day encourages everyone to celebrate by experiencing the wonders of their environment by refocusing attention away from the digital world by reconnecting and recentering into real life.

Amplify and focus both mental and physical well being by celebrating and enjoying Harmonize Your Health Day!

How to Celebrate Harmonize Your Health Day

Move in the direction of balance and aim toward a peaceful life by celebrating and enjoying the benefits of Harmonize Your Health Day. Consider some of these ideas for activities to try in honor of the day:

Try Frequency Therapy

Harmonize Your Health Day was founded by a company that specializes in frequency therapy devices made to bring balance to life through rest and recovery. Whether choosing a machine by Somavedic or some other company, the idea is to try out alternative science for bringing harmony to the daily routine as well as the resting space, whether at home or at the office.

Using precious and semi-precious stones, the science behind these frequency devices is that a coherent field is created in a room, office or even an entire household. The field is meant to protect the body and mind from damaging effects including EMF radiation such as Wi-Fi, 5G, phones, etc. In addition, the protection is also meant to cover struggles such as oxidative stress, gridded magnetic fields and more.

Seek a Harmonious Lifestyle

There are a number of different ways that busy, hectic lives can cause stress in today’s frenetic modern world. Harmonize Your Health Day is an ideal time to consider, take stock and rebalance some things about the daily grind. For instance, this is a good time to perform some decluttering tasks, getting rid of items in the home that aren’t needed. It’s also a good time to rethink the family meal plan and make adjustments to create healthier eating habits.

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