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Today’s fast-paced world can be a challenging place for a person to live in and remember their value!

National I Am Day encourages everyone, especially women, to observe this day and give themselves a much-deserved reminder of who they are and how much they are worth.

History of National I Am Day

National I Am Day is a fairly new celebration established by the S.H.E. (Sisters Helping Each-Other) organization and the non-profit called She Rocks It.

These organizations both encourage women to come together to support each other, using their platforms to celebrate women and put them in the spotlight.

The inaugural celebration event took place in 2023 in northern Illinois and was attended by several notable women, including Miss Black Illinois, as well as women politicians and businesswomen.

This event is coordinated to take place during National Women’s History Month. As a day dedicated to recognizing and affirming oneself, National I Am Day acts as an important reminder that every human has inherent value and worth!

How to Celebrate National I Am Day

Make a big difference in personal confidence and self-appreciation by joining in with the National I Am Day celebration! Get creative with your own plans, or check out a few of these ideas for getting involved:

Make an ‘I Am’ Declaration

Whether as a personal time of discovery and statement or a way to share oneself with the world, National I Am Day is a great time for self-reflection, journaling, poetry writing, artwork, and other expressions that allow a person to use their voice to say who they are.

Organizers of the day encourage people to start with the sentence “I Am ____” and then fill in the blank. It could be one word, many words, or a whole list of positive affirmations!

Whatever the answer is, it is personal and deserves to be celebrated on this day and all throughout the year.

Consider some of these I Am statements to get the ball rolling:

  • I am beautiful and unique.
  • I am more than enough. I am enough.
  • I am deserving of love as I become the best version of myself.
  • I am a person whose voice needs to be heard.

Share an ‘I Am’ Statement

Some women might choose to share their I Am declarations with one friend, some family members, or the whole world through social media as a sign of solidarity and connectedness.

National I Am Day might be just the right time to go public with an affirmation, statement, or declaration about who you know yourself to be.

Join Together on National I Am Day

In addition to looking in the mirror and encouraging reflection, National I Am Day is also a time to let that strength have a ripple effect on others.

In addition to finding strength inside yourself, invite and encourage other people in your life to celebrate themselves, too!

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