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Love the sensation of a jump scare, chase or gruesome scene? Then this day might be just the thing! Reach into the depths of some of these risky, intense experiences in honor of I Heart Horror Day and grab some friends to celebrate too! 

History of I Heart Horror Day

I Heart Horror Day began in New Jersey as a way to gather together those who love celebrating the genre of horror in films, books, music and more. The event was founded by two brothers, Christopher and Gregory Cuneo, whose love for this type of entertainment has acted as a catalyst to bring together everyone who loves things that are slightly spooky, somewhat dark, and perhaps more than a little bit macabre!

The date to celebrate I Heart Horror Day was chosen as a nod to two different icons of horror: George Romero, of Night of the Living Dead fame, and shock rock star Alice Cooper.

In addition to drawing together those who have this common affection for darkness, I Heart Horror Day is also dedicated to helping others. The Cuneo Brothers crafted the theme for their live fan festival: “offering a good scare for a good cause”. Each year, supporters of the event work hard to raise funds that are donated to a charitable organization, the Deborah Heart and Lung Center in New Jersey.

How to Celebrate I Heart Horror Day

Join I Heart Horror Day Events

Those who live in or want to visit New Jersey might be interested in joining in on the horrific fun offered at the I Heart Horror Day Festival. Put on by the founders of the day, the Cuneo Brothers, the event provides an experience for the most dedicated fans of horror movies.

Watch Some Horror Movies 

Those who can’t make it to the official I Heart Horror Day events in New Jersey can certainly still participate. Get involved by grabbing a friend and watching some horror movies at home – the bravest diehard horror fans might even dare to watch alone! Even better, make a local event out of it by hosting a gathering of friends at home or renting out a space and inviting the whole community of horror movies lovers to join in on the dark and spooky fun of the day.

Dive Deeper into the Horror Genre

Looking to get involved with I Heart Horror Day all year long? Consider connecting by listening to some Alice Cooper music, including his album Prince of Darkness. Or, hop online and check out the Macabre World podcast that is hosted by Rocky Digati from The Darker Arts Radio Hour, featuring interviews with various players in the genre including authors, filmmakers and more.

Other events that are celebrated throughout the year along the theme of I Heart Horror Day include Frankenstein Friday in October, World Dracula Day in late May, Scream Day in April. And, of course, the ever-classic Halloween on October 31. 

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