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From X-ray machines used for health purposes to microscopes and television screens used for entertainment purposes, light based technology has brought all sorts of advances to the world. This includes scientific advancements that have come through light-based tools such as telescopes, cameras, and so much more – in almost every sector of the globe. 

International Day of Light seeks to raise awareness about and shine a bright light on this study and the results which have changed so much as it was brought to the modern world!

History of International Day of Light

The International Day of Light was started by UNESCO (United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), with the inaugural celebration taking place in 2018. This annual day was a followup to the larger event, the International Year of Light, which took place all throughout 2015, sponsored by UNESCO.

This specific day was chosen as it is the anniversary of May 16, 1960, which was the day when Theodore Maiman, an American physicist and engineer, fired the first laser successfully. The idea behind the International Day of Light is to recognize the fact that the study of light and the technology behind light has transformed the world as humans know it.

How to Celebrate International Day of Light

Those who are interested in getting more involved with International Day of Light might want to consider some of these ways to participate:

Get Informed About International Day of Light

Supported by UNESCO, the International Day of Light offers a wide range of events, activities and resources that individuals and organizations can get involved with. Check out the day’s website to sign up for the newsletter, learn about events and programs,  and connect with more than 100 national nodes that bring people together for local campaigns, activities and events. 

Attend International Day of Light Events

In past years, events scheduled for International Day of Light have included a collection of opportunities for learning through seminars, lectures, webinars and more. These have taken place all over the world in places such as Dubai, Singapore, Germany, Kenya, France, the USA and more.

Learn Fun Facts About Light Based Technology 

A great way to get connected to the International Day of Light might be to do a bit of studying and research on the topic. Teachers and parents can connect with their kids through science lessons and activities that are based around the topic of light. Individuals can learn different facts and share them with coworkers, friends or on social media to get more people involved with the day.

Check out some of these interesting facts about light technology to get started:

  • The light that can be seen on the planet Earth is a form of energy that comes directly from the sun, taking just eight minutes to travel through space.

  • Although the light that can be seen is called “white light”, it really is made up of a number of different colors.

  • Refracted light is what makes lenses such as glasses, telescopes and binoculars work as it bends the light to create focus.

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