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Enjoy the delightful celebration of this amazing white grape that has been the foundation of this incredibly iconic wine. International Riesling Day provides a specific time to honor or pay respect to this wine that has captured the hearts of wine lovers all over the world! 

Riesling is a floral, fruity white wine that may range from dry to sweet and the flavor notes vary based on the region where the grapes are grown and the wine is produced. While the origins of this wine are in Germany and it remains the world’s largest producer of Riesling today, the grapes have been exported and are now grown in a number of places around the world, including the United States, Australia, South Africa and even sometimes in Chile, Kazakhstan, Romania and other places.

History of International Riesling Day

Historians can follow the history of Riesling wine back to at least the 15th century through documentation from Germany. While many people consider Riesling to be a wine that is lower priced and somewhat sweet, this wine actually has quite a bit of range. A number of expensive, late-harvest dessert Rieslings have come in as some of the most expensive in the world!

While many Rieslings are consumed while young, the high acidity and sugar content make it effective when aged longer. In fact, some German Rieslings that have been aged for more than a hundred years can still be rated highly, but the typical aging range is from 5-30 years, depending on the sweetness.

International Riesling Day was started in 2019 when it was announced by Wines of Germany that it would henceforth be officially known as the birthday of Riesling. This day provides a perfect opportunity for wine enthusiasts to offer a toast to this beloved wine that is usually ranked in the top three whites, along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. In recent decades, a number of different wines have gleaned their own holidays and Riesling is no exception!

How to Celebrate International Riesling Day

Get involved with International Riesling Day by participating in different activities and events, such as some of these:

Visit German Winemakers

One of the best ways to get to the roots of the Riesling wines is to visit the place where they came from originally. These grapes originated from the Rhine river region, which runs not only through modern Germany, but also parts of Austria, France and Switzerland. In celebration of International Riesling Day, take a little trip to the Rhine river wine growing region which is at the heart of it all.

Celebrate with Riesling Wines

Wine enthusiasts can appreciate this opportunity to pop open a bottle of Riesling wine and enjoy it responsibly. Make it even more special by inviting a few friends over to host a wine tasting opportunity in honor of International Riesling Day!

Other exciting days to be celebrated in relation to wine include National Moscato Day celebrated in May, International Grenache Day in September, and Cabernet Franc Day in December.  

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