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Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurrence to have a conversation on a Monday morning around the water cooler, hearing that someone’s drink was spiked over the weekend. As underreported drink spiking seems to be on the rise in recent years, this is an especially critical time to stay safe by becoming more conscious and aware.

International Stamp Out Spiking Day is dedicated to raising awareness about and educating the public on the problem of drink spiking, as well as the symptoms of a spiked drink and what to do if it happens.

History of International Stamp Out Spiking Day

A national UK survey taken in 2021 by Stamp Out Spiking revealed that drink spiking often goes unreported. In fact, statistics show that drink spiking in the UK may have reached “epidemic” proportions. And because many people do not know how to recognize drink spiking when it happens, evidence cannot be secured which could lead to conviction of the crime, perpetuating the problem.

International Stamp Out Spiking Day was founded in the early 2020’s, offering an opportunity for the public to become more aware about these dangers and how to protect themselves.

Stamp Out Spiking is a charity that partners with a variety of organizations and provides a number of different products and services that help to reduce the occurrence of drink spiking. The organization has also released an awareness video to educate the public. Drink spiking campaign efforts also include partnering with businesses and local authorities to share information as widely as possible.

As it is celebrated each year, the hope is that International Stamp Out Spiking Day will become more popular as it spreads through the UK as well as to partners in other nations such as Canada, the US, France, Spain, South Africa, the Caribbean, and to many other places!

How to Observe International Stamp Out Spiking Day

Take some time to observe International Stamp Out Spiking Day with some of these activities:

Raise Awareness About Drink Spiking

One of the the most important purposes behind International Stamp Out Spiking Day is to spread the word about the prevalence and problems with drink spiking. The more informed people are, the more able they are to protect themselves and put themselves at less risk.

When a person’s drink is spiked, they may experience blurred vision, and dizziness or confusion, making it difficult to think clearly. Asking a friend or staff member for help is the first step in overcoming drink spiking!

Get more resources and services at the Stamp Out Spiking website.

Remember Facts About Drink Spiking 

Consider some other important facts regarding drink spiking: 

  • Drink spiking can happen to anyone, not just in bars or parties with alcoholic beverages but also with soft drinks. 

  • Drink spiking can be done with a large number of drugs so it is important to get medical care immediately and also get the drink tested. 

  • Drink spiking is often accomplished in pairs, with one person acting as a distraction.

  • Drink spiking may be linked with other crimes such as robbery or sexual assault. 

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