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When it comes to survivors of sexual abuse, as well as their supporters and whistle-blowers, every voice matters. National Survivors’ Day is a time to acknowledge, respect and support those whose stories need to be told, heard and responded to with action! 

History of National Survivors’ Day

The heart behind National Survivors’ Day was started through a charitable organization in Australia called the In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF). In collaboration with LOUD Fence Inc., this day was founded with the purpose of recognizing and commemorating the journeys of those who have survived sexual abuse, along with their supporters and whistle-blowers. While this day was originally organized to be celebrated in Australia, the invitation remains open for people all over the globe to engage with this day. 

In addition to acknowleging the profound harm done to survivors of sexual abuse, National Survivors’ Day also seeks to do the important work of de-stigmatizing survival stories, promote and fight for justice, and provide community support for these brave survivors.

How to Observe National Survivors’ Day

Show support by participating in National Survivors’ Day with some of these ideas:

Wear or Display Colorful Ribbons

The organizers of this day encourage individuals to wear colorful ribbons in solidarity with survivors of sexual abuse. The idea is that the many colored ribbons represent every voice and every story of sexual assault that deserves to be told. This concept comes directly from the mission of LOUD Fence Inc., in Australia, with the purpose of raising support for survivors and whistle-blowers to keep them from being silenced. Since 2015, the organization has been involved with encouraging people to raise their voices and tying colorful ribbons in public places has become an important symbol. Celebrate National Survivors’ Day by tying colorful ribbons on fences, mailboxes, car antennas and more, and be ready to engage in conversation about the day when people ask about the ribbons. 

Make a Donation to Support Survivors

Some people might choose to observe National Survivors’ Day by making a financial contribution to a charitable organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse. In Australia, this might include the founders of the day, the In Good Faith Foundation. In the United States, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and RAINN would be worth considering.   

Access Resources for Sexual Abuse Prevention

One important way to participate with National Survivors’ Day might be for parents, educators, youth workers and others to get more educated on ways to help the children and teens in their lives be protected. From understanding grooming risks related to children to detecting signs that a person might be at risk, this day can act as a motivation to learn about various tactics for prevention. Consider attending seminars, learning through books and videos, or check out some of the prevention strategy resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  

Other important events that are celebrated along these same lines include National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Denim Day and SAAM Day of Action, all taking place in the month of April. 

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