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National Smith Day

A moniker both common and widespread, often passed down through generations, evoking a sense of tradition and heritage.

Apple Tree Day

Experience the joy of picking your own fruit straight from nature's bounty and enjoy a sweet treat that's truly farm-to-table.

National Shortbread Day

Delicious buttery biscuits, perfect for any occasion, with a crumbly texture that melts in your mouth and a hint of sweetness.

Three Kings Day

An occasion marked by reverence, honoring a journey guided by celestial light, bringing gifts of hope and unity.

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How to celebrate Jan 6th

Start your day by celebrating National Smith Day with some DIY metalwork projects. Get creative and repurpose old metal items around your house to create unique pieces of art or practical tools. Embrace your inner craftsman and enjoy the satisfaction of working with your hands.

After your metalwork session, head outside for Apple Tree Day. Spend some time in nature tending to an apple tree or visiting a nearby orchard. Pick some fresh apples and consider baking a delicious apple pie or making homemade applesauce. Embrace the beauty of the outdoors and savor the fruits of your labor.

For National Shortbread Day, indulge in a baking session to whip up a batch of buttery shortbread cookies. The simple yet delicious recipe requires minimal ingredients and effort, making it the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. Share your freshly baked shortbread with friends and family for a delightful afternoon snack.

In the evening, celebrate Three Kings Day by engaging in a fun game night with loved ones. Play traditional board games or card games, and crown the winners of each round with paper crowns to honor the three wise kings. Enjoy quality time together filled with laughter and friendly competition.

As you wind down the day, mark National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day by reflecting on the holiday season. Pack away your decorations and reminisce about the joyous moments shared with family and friends. Consider writing a letter to yourself to open next holiday season, capturing your hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Embrace the simplicity of National Bean Day by preparing a hearty bean soup or chili for a cozy dinner. Beans are not only nutritious but also budget-friendly, making them a versatile ingredient for satisfying meals. Experiment with different spices and seasonings to create a flavorful dish that warms both body and soul.

Take a moment to acknowledge World Day for War Orphans by supporting organizations that provide aid to children affected by conflict. Consider making a donation or volunteering your time to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Your kindness and compassion can bring hope and comfort to war orphans around the world.

On Armenian Christmas, explore the rich culture and cuisine of Armenia by trying out traditional Armenian recipes. Prepare dishes like dolma, lavash, or baklava to experience the flavors of this vibrant culture. Look up Armenian music and dance to immerse yourself in the beauty of Armenian traditions.

End your day by embracing the cozy spirit of National Cuddle Up Day. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and a good book or movie, and unwind in the comfort of your own home. Take this time to relax and recharge, appreciating the simple joys of life.

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National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day

Time to finally bid farewell to the Christmas tree — undecorating can be bittersweet, but memories of the holiday season will last all year.

National Bean Day

Discover a world of hearty goodness, as these tiny powerhouses pack a punch of protein and flavor, making every meal satisfying.

World Day for War Orphans

Extending a caring hand to the innocent souls who bear the heavy weight of conflict's aftermath, offering hope and healing.

Armenian Christmas

A time of joy, traditions, and delicious food — families gather to honor the birth of Christ and share in the warmth of their heritage.

National Cuddle Up Day

Snuggle up by the fire with your loved ones, whether your partner, kids or pets, and enjoy the varied health benefits of a cozy embrace.


Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Spreading awareness about dyspraxia to foster understanding and support for individuals with coordination and movement challenges.

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Veganuary Month

A time to try something new — plant-based eating can be both delicious and healthy. Join the fun and embrace a compassionate lifestyle!

Thyroid Awareness Month

Highlighting the importance of understanding and supporting those affected by a prevalent but often misunderstood health condition.

National Slow Cooking Month 

Effortlessly preparing delicious meals with a kitchen appliance known for its convenience and culinary magic.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Unveiling insights on women's health, exploring preventive measures, empowering communities to champion well-being beyond boundaries.

Bread Machine Baking Month

Embark on the journey of crafting your own delicious homemade loaves effortlessly with the marvel of automated baking appliances.

National Skating Month

Graceful glides on frozen surfaces, a dance with winter's embrace, where blades carve elegant stories in ice.


Start the year out with a dedication to a rather unique and versatile spirit that is sophisticated and also delicious.

Dry January

Dry January offers a variety of opportunities for people to give themselves a boost, not only for the month, but perhaps for the months following as well.

National Blood Donor Month

Giving a small part of oneself to help others in need, the act of contributing to a vital lifeline that can save lives.


A time for men to embrace their inner lumberjack, grow a beard, and take on new challenges. Let's celebrate men being their best selves!

International Brainteaser Month

Engaging puzzles that tickle the mind, these clever challenges offer a playful way to exercise mental agility and spark curiosity.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Giving your trusty machine a little TLC by banishing the sneaky dust bunnies, ensuring it purrs along smoothly without missing a beat.

National Soup Month

On a chilly day, a warm, savory hug in a bowl, with flavors that dance like an old friend at a cozy gathering.

Get Organized Month

Streamlining life's chaos, making everything easily accessible and neat, so the daily hustle feels like a breeze, not a battle.

International Creativity Month

Setting your mind free, letting ideas flow like a river without a dam, and watching your unique expressions come to life.

Celebration Of Life Month

Stepping away from the hustle — a moment of calm in the midst of the storm — is like hitting a pause button for the soul.

National Oatmeal Month

Starting the day with that warm, hearty bowl, topped with favorite fixings, is like a cozy hug for the taste buds.

National Be Kind To Food Servers Month

Show some good old-fashioned manners, spread a little extra sunshine, and watch their faces light up. It's contagious!

National Hot Tea Month

Steaming cups, soothing sips, and a delightful escape from the daily hustle, tea's diverse flavors offer a moment of calm in every cup.

National Birth Defects Awareness Month

Fostering empathy and understanding for those facing unique health challenges empowers communities to embrace diversity and advocate for inclusion.

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