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Jell-O has become one of the most famous brands of flavored gelatin in the food market, with over 25 jello flavors and 30 pudding flavors. While the company and the Jell-O brand has initially been around during the 1800s, the recipe itself has been around a lot longer than people expected.

National Jell-O Week works to preserve the history of this sweet collagen recipe and teach people about the impact Jell-O has made in human history.

History of National Jell-O Week

National Jell-O Week takes place during February, celebrating the history and impact of Jell-O’s gelatin and pudding creations. Before the nature of the infamous Jell-O company, gelatin-based foods began in the 1400s in the Middle East and spread to Europe and then to America.

Gelatin desserts were initially served only to the wealthiest households because of its lengthy process. This is because the main component of today’s Jell-O is protein gelatin, collagen that is extracted from boiled bones, connective tissues, and other animal products.

Once people got their hands on the recipe and started turning the concoction into powdered form, Jell-O had begun to grow significantly in popularity due to its broad access to the public.

In 1897, a carpenter, Pearle Bixby Wait, registered the trademark Jell-O and its recipe. Two years later, he sold the rights to Jell-O for $450 to a LeRoy businessman, Orator Woodward.

By the early 1900s, powdered gelatin was widely available, and in less than ten years, Jell-O was grossing $1 million a year. Eventually, Jell-O sold their company to General Foods Company, and in 1964, the Jell-O factory in LeRoy closed.

While the Jell-O company originated in the state of New York, the state of Utah in 2001 officially declared National Jell-O Week a holiday for people all over the world to celebrate their love for the delicious jiggly dessert and their variety of flavors.

How to Celebrate National Jell-O Week

Take the week to experiment with the variety of flavors Jell-O has to offer by hosting a Jell-O party for your friends and family! Because Jell-O is so easy to make, you can easily find recipes online on how to incorporate Jell-O into your foods.

Taste test the flavors Jell-O has and see what’s your favorite Jell-O flavor. Make Jell-O shots by adding some vodka or white rum for your friends to enjoy. Take the time to visit the Jell-O Gallery in Le Roy, New York and learn about the history of the Jell-O company.

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