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Every May 13th
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The origins of Leprechaun Day are just as mysterious as the hiding places of the pots of gold belonging to the little folk. But Leprechauns themselves have been part of Irish folklore for thousands of years, and even though these tiny fairies have reputations for playing tricks and being mischievous, they are well-loved and deserving of a day to call their own.

It is said that if you catch a leprechaun, he will have to give you his pot of gold, but leprechauns are resourceful when it comes to defending their gold, and they are not easily caught. If you are unable to catch one of the wee folk on Leprechaun Day, you can still honor the day by nourishing your own pot of gold. Adding to a savings account is a guaranteed method of increasing your wealth, and perhaps your pot of gold will lure a sly leprechaun.