They’re your best friend on almost any day, they work tirelessly to keep you in communication with friends and family, connected with work and the goings-on in the world around you. Sometimes they need a little love, and sometimes they need to be recognized as the individuals they are. Just like your cars, your PC has a personality all its own, and just like your car, it deserves a name of its own. Name Your PC Day is your opportunity to stop putting that off and finally christen your PC once and for all.

History of Name Your PC Day

The History of Name Your PC Day is as old as any object we’ve ever owned and named, whether it’s the first sword that had a name carved into it, or a ship that was christened with a broken bottle of champagne. We live alongside these every day, whether our lives depend on them in the literal sense, or they get us to work each day. These days our PC’s are as responsible for getting us to work as our cars once were, and so taking an opportunity to do that recognizes them for what they’ve done.

So what to name your digital companion? Well, there’s a lot of different ways to choose a name, some of them based on what your PC is designed to do. Got yourself a computer primarily used for research and writing, a grand beast that contains reams of unprinted stories, reports, and information? Perhaps you should name your PC “Alexandria”. Is it a repository of gaming power, prepped and primed like a race-car tuned to take the best advantage of every digital pathway it races down? Then, by all means, name it something like “Rocket” or perhaps something as grand as “Excalibur”. Name Your PC Day is your chance to break out your creativity and figure out what to call your favorite digital vehicle.

How to celebrate Name Your PC Day

Name Your PC Day is celebrated by naming your PC, of course! Spend some time and think about it, ask around and talk to your friends, it never hurts to poll those who live in and around you. Be careful about asking your partner, though, they might imply you should name it something that indicates it’s your other lover. One supposes it would be hard to go wrong with a gender neutral name like “Roxanne” in that case, now would it?

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23 days ago

Zelena, named after the character in the TV series Once Upon a Time. She’s wicked fast, wicked powerful and, most fitting of all, she’s an HP Envy.

10 days ago

Yoda, because he was highly intelligent, crazy fast, and had amazing power.

That Guy with the Camera
That Guy with the Camera
10 days ago

Hephaestus. The quiet, nonpublic, very hard worker of the Pantheon. Rarely seen but generally the best at what he did.

8 days ago

Smeagol, because sometimes its like Gollum takes over and does what it wants!

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