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Those who work in companies, whether large or small, know that the folks over in the Accounts Payable department are stretched thin and have a lot riding on their work. This role is much more than simply paying bills! It requires a significant amount of integrity as well as attention to detail, including managing cash flow, mitigating financial risk, complying with auditing processes and so much more.

National Accounts Payable Day is here to show some honor and appreciation for the hard-working people in this field.

History of National Accounts Payable Day

Often living under a significant amount of stress, professionals in the Accounts Payable field may be subjected to inflexible deadlines, heavy workloads and urgent requests. With pressure to work with accuracy and speed, it’s clear that the need is great for the folks in these AP departments to be recognized. And that’s what National Accounts Payable Day is all about!

Getting its start in 2018, National Accounts Payable Day has been celebrated each year in large and small companies, and it continues to grow every year!

How to Celebrate National Accounts Payable Day

Consider some of these ways to observe National Accounts Payable Day and show appreciation for the folks on this team.

Thank an Accounts Payable Team Member

Take some time on National Accounts Payable Day to show some appreciation for those coworkers in Accounts Payable. Give them a card or thank you note, buy them a coffee or take them out to lunch. It’s a great way to show some love and make them realize how important their job is to everyone in the company!

Send the Staff Home Early

Those who are managers or supervisors over a team of folks who work in this department might consider buying the team a round of coffee, throwing a big lunch party for the team and then sending them all home early. After all, they deserve an afternoon off just as much as anyone!

And even though folks in the accounting field might be considered rigid or boring, there’s no reason to avoid creativity when it comes to celebrating National Accounts Payable Day. Many of those who work in AP have a delightful sense of humor and rather compelling personalities. Consider buying drinks on a Thirsty Thursday or a Payments & Pizza Day to make the job a bit less stressful – on this day or at times all throughout the year.

Learn More About Accounts Payable

A super way to get on board with celebrating National Accounts Payable Day for those who don’t know much about it might be to learn a bit more about what the folks in Accounts Payable do. In order to share in appreciation for them and raise awareness for the day, check out, and perhaps share, some of these interesting facts about Accounts Payable:

  • As of a few years ago, the lowest average time for AP to process an invoice is 3-4 days – but it can be up to 17! 

  • Bubble gum was actually invented by an accountant who mentioned that pink food coloring was all he had on hand. 

  • An Italian mathematician was the first to come up with the concept of double entry bookkeeping.

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