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When working on a team, having a group of excellent teammates can make or break the experience. Whether celebrating as a sports team, a group of coworkers, teammates at school or even a tight knit family, National Be a Good Teammate Day is a great time to be part of a team! 

History of National Be a Good Teammate Day

National Be a Good Teammate Day was founded by a man named Lance Loya, who is also the CEO of The Good Teammate Factory. Loya is an author, coach and a leading authority on team dynamics, specializing in getting people and teams to shift from the “me” gear to the “we” gear.

Established with the purpose of showing appreciation for those folks who are amazing teammates, National Be a Good Teammate Day is also meant to encourage everyone on a team to be a bit more attentive and act like a good teammate. This day is a perfect reminder to make a big deal out of those people who have your back on a regular basis and also to work harder at having their backs!

How to Celebrate National Be a Good Teammate Day

Focus on the joys and benefits that can come from being part of an amazing team by celebrating National Be a Good Teammate Day! Get connected and participate with some of these plans and activities:

Practice Being a Good Teammate

Get on board with National Be a Good Teammate Day by practicing good skills not only on this day, but every day. This might include helping others who are struggling, congratulating others on a job well done, or making an extra effort to express gratitude to those who are on the team. This can also mean attending group growth conferences, joining in on some team-building activities or reading a book that teaches how to be a better teammate.

Brag On Your Team

Be sure to post a photo of the team and show some love on social media in honor of National Be a Good Teammate Day! Give each person a card that shows appreciation for their strengths and how they’ve become a good teammate. It might even be fun to host a lunch, dinner or drinks where it’s possible to make a toast to each teammate in front of everyone!

Read Books about Teams by Lance Loya

Lance Loya is an author of both a book for adults as well as a book for children, both centered around the theme of being on a team. “The WE Gear” is a book that tells inspiring stories and offers powerful lessons to those adults who are interested in the art of being a good teammate.

Written and also illustrated by Lance Loya, the children’s book is appropriately titled “Be a Good Teammate”, and offers meaningful life advice to preschoolers and young children. An easy reader for kids or good when shared as a bedtime story, this book can be found in libraries, schools, bookstores or online.

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