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The closest Friday to the UN’s International Day of the Family
17th May, 2019
18th May, 2018
19th May, 2017
Founded by
Family Holiday Association
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Learn about Shades Day

Shades Day is the Family Holiday Association’s national fundraising and awareness day, when we encourage everyone to wear a pair of shades, whatever the weather!

It is the closest Friday to the UN’s International Day of the Family, and the day we recognize that thousands of struggling UK families never enjoy even the simplest break away from home.

Get your friends, family and colleagues together and encourage everyone to dig out a pair of shades and make a donation. And don’t forget to share your snaps with us on social media using the hashtag #ShadesDay.

It is a fun and simple day to get involved with. We ask people to wear a pair of shades and share them on twitter using the #ShadesDay and text donate ‘SHAD35 £3’ to donate £3. We have created a fundraising pack including photo props, activities, poster & bake sale ideas to help everyone get into the spirit of shades day.



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