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Those cute little puppies aren’t going to take pictures of themselves! So get out that camera or phone and take some pics. Whether setting up an entire photo shoot with costume changes or just catching some cute snapshots, National Dog Photography Day is the time to not only take photos of your favorite canines, but share them with anyone and everyone! 

History of National Dog Photography Day

National Dog Photography Day has been celebrated since 2018 when it was founded by professional dog photographer Kerry Jordan, with the purpose of celebrating the rise in popularity of owners taking photos of their dogs. Plus, it also seemed like a great way to offer a guilt-free opportunity for folks all over the world to flood the internet with photos of their dogs.

The event was scheduled to take place on this day as it coincides with the birthday of an important figure in dog photography: Elliot Erwitt. The day takes place on Erwitt’s birthday, who is quoted as saying he likes to take photos of dogs because, “they don’t object to being photographed and they don’t ask for prints”.

Each year, National Dog Photography Day has grown in popularity, including plenty of famous people who have joined in with sharing photos of their dog. From David and Victoria Beckham to Queen Elizabeth II, from Snoop Dogg to Theo Paphatis, so many people love taking this opportunity to show off their dogs!

How to Celebrate National Dog Photography Day

Those pet owners who love any excuse to share photos of their canine friends, whether little or large, can get excited about opportunities to celebrate National Dog Photography Day, such as these:

Share Photos of Dogs

One of the best and easiest ways to get involved with International Dog Photography Day would be to snap a few cute pics of Rover and share them with the world. Friends, family members and so many others will be delighted to see Pluto in a cute hat or Fido chewing on a slipper.

Enjoy Browsing Through Dog Photos

Don’t have a dog of your own to photograph and share about? That’s okay! Just look up the hashtag for the day on a preferred social media platform and enjoy taking a look at all of the delightful pictures that are offered in honor of this day. It’s like a little cuteness explosion! But beware, it might make some people want to run out and adopt another dog into their family.

Schedule a Dog Photography Session 

While some dogs can easily be caught on film, others might have a more difficult time. Those who want to make sure they have some great memory shots of their pup, especially if they are aging, might want to schedule a session with a professional dog photographer. These folks, like the founder of National Dog Photography Day, have specific experience taking photos of pets and can work well with them to provide an amazing portfolio in a short amount of time. Ask around for a local referral or check online to find a dog photographer in the area.

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