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“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it”

Western medicine has been considered to have some rather severe issues when viewed from other forms of medical practice throughout the world. Holistic Therapy is one such practice that focuses on the body, spirit, and mind and uses these three factors working in conjunction to help promote natural healing in the body without unnecessary procedures or medication. Holistic Therapy is your opportunity to learn more about this alternative medicine and how it can make essential changes in your life.

History of Holistic Therapy

The history of Holistic Therapy is quite ancient, stretching back to the medical and spiritual philosophies of Hippocrates, considered to be one of the most important figures in the world of medicine. Hippocrates put forth the idea that focusing purely on ailments of the body wasn’t a healthy or successful way of dealing with poor health. Instead, he felt it was important to treat every facet of the human experience in order to get a complete and sustainable recovery.

Modern Holistic Therapy feels that modern traditional medicine comes with certain concerns, specifically the habit of focusing on treating symptoms that are being caused by ailments instead of rooting out the issue at its core. Prior to the 1970’s, this wasn’t a typical medical practice. Instead, they took the entire environment of the patient into account and did their best to treat the whole patient.
Modern philosophies of medicine believe that the mind and body are separate entities and must be treated as such.

Holistic Therapy is making strides to help bring the practice of whole body, whole person treatment into the modern medical practice. It’s making strides, but its designation as ‘alternative medicine’ means that it has difficulty gaining ground in the medical community, and is generally treated as a form of quackery.

How to celebrate Holistic Therapy Day

Speak to your physician about Holistic Therapy, or seek out a Holistic Physician in your area who is willing to take the time to treat you as a whole functioning unit. It’s a long-standing fact that people know that our physical health can be directly affected by our mental health, and Holistic Therapy is focused on promoting this fact so that it can enter mainstream practice. Take the time to learn more about the holistic approach to medicine and see what you can do to incorporate it into your own daily life.