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Pass gas or break wind. 

Toot or cut the cheese.

No matter how you slice it, these are all different ways of referring to farts. And, since it’s time for National Fart Day, get ready to let one rip!

History of National Fart Day

The need for a human to pass gas is a natural part of the body’s digestive system that provides relief. Nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide are all gasses that are found outside the body but can find their way in, and there are also internal gasses called endogenous gasses that occur inside the body.

But it doesn’t really matter whether the gas is created from swallowing extra air while eating, or if it is built up inside the body when the colon breaks down food – there is a need for that gas to be released somehow. And although burping is one option, farting is definitely a rather common occurrence. Sometimes to the detriment of those around the person in question, especially if it smells bad.

Farting has even been part of historical documents, including writings about a fart that caused a man’s ears and nose to be chopped off in Ancient Egypt. Or a story about a Roman soldier who lifted his robe and farted, leading to a mob riot and the death of thousands of people. Farts can be dangerous!

Today, in most situations and in most cultures, farting in public is considered to be poor form. But sometimes, no matter how much a person tries, one just slips out and it can’t be helped. And, at other times, especially when it comes to middle-school boys, farting is done on purpose for the sheer peals of laughter that the opportunity offers.

Established with nothing in mind but ridiculousness, National Fart Day is here to pay some respect to the body’s processes that require farting, as well as simply to name something that is really just kind of funny!

How to Celebrate National Fart Day

Those who have a particular sense of jocularity, ludicrousness and zaniness may just be in for observing and celebrating National Fart Day! For those folks, here’s a short little list of ways to celebrate – but don’t be afraid to get creative on your own beyond these ideas:

Make Fake Fart Sounds

One of the most juvenile and also funny things to do with kids on National Fart Day is to get creative with fart noises. Adults might not be fooled, but children will possibly be faked out and, even if they aren’t they will still think fake fart noises are hilarious. Use some recordings found on the internet, make fart sounds by blowing air into the hand, or get out the old standard fart jokester – the Whoopee Cushion! 

Tell Some Fart Jokes

Since this day is celebrated with all of the seriousness of a Monty Python movie, it seems that there should certainly be some jokes and comments that can be told as a way to raise awareness for National Fart Day. After all, fart jokes are funny and usually understood by almost anyone because – well, everyone farts!

Get on board with enjoying the day by reading, laughing out loud, and sharing some fart jokes, like a few of these:

  • I didn’t fart…my butt just likes you so much that it blew you a kiss.
  • Q: Why did the man stop telling fart jokes? 
    A: Because he was told that his jokes stink. 
  • Farts are like children. You don’t mind your own but you can’t stand other people’s.
  • Q: What do you call a person who only farts alone at home? 
    A: A private tootor (tutor). 

Learn Funny Facts About Farts 

Everyone knows that everybody farts, but it can be especially hilarious when it is a famous person and it happens in public. But whether it was the cause of a war or just learning about the history, farts can be worth a laugh. So take a look at and share some of these silly bits of flatulent information in honor of National Fart Day:

  • In 1607, during a debate, a British member of Parliament farted and it became a part of history, even inspiring verses of poetry.

  • The famous book, Dante’s inferno, mentions a demon who uses his backside “as a trumpet”, all the way back in the 14th century.

  • In 1722, Jonathan Swift published a piece of satire that was called, The Benefit of Farting.

  • The world’s oldest written joke, which can be traced back to Mesopotamia in 1900 BC, was about a fart.

Have even more fun celebrating and enjoying the sheer silliness of farting by observing National Pass Gas Day, which takes place in early January.  

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