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Nine and ten-year-olds get to be the star of the show today because now is the time to celebrate all of those kids who are in the fourth grade. That’s right, the fourth graders of the world are smart, sassy, and have lots to share.

So offer a high five, raise a flag, raise a banner and give it up for these kids by participating in National Fourth Graders Day!

History of National Fourth Graders Day

In the United States, fourth grade is a time when children start taking on more responsibility in the classroom. Young enough to continue to engage with their imaginations but old enough to start developing some unique skills and talents, fourth graders deserve to be celebrated. And that’s what two teachers, Jillian Hagberg and Donna Hennessy from New Jersey, thought when they submitted the idea to establish National Fourth Graders Day!

By the time kids get to fourth grade, they are working really hard, but they often don’t have any milestones to look forward to for a couple more years. Some school systems have a sixth grade rite of passage where kids might move on to middle school, but others might even have to wait until eighth grade for their next turn to move up in the world. That’s a long time to wait!

So National Fourth Graders Day is here to pay some respect for and celebrate these kids who really deserve a moment of fame and glory.

How to Celebrate National Fourth Graders Day

Fourth Graders, their teachers, siblings, friends and family members can have a ton of fun celebrating these cool kids. Get on board and participate in National Fourth Graders Day with some delightful ideas and fun activities such as these:

Host a National Fourth Graders Day Event

Show some love to all of the nine or ten-year-olds in the school by allowing them to have a special celebrating event, assembly or party. Allow each classroom to have their own fun by letting the kids decorate their desks, lay some special games, or have an additional ten or fifteen minutes of recess on this very important National Fourth Graders Day!

Even better, take some time to plan in advance and allow all of the fourth graders to prepare a special program, song or talent show that they can perform in front of the rest of the school. Another option could be to host an art gallery with pieces created by fourth graders, or have some healthy sports competitions that the fourth graders can participate in.

Celebrate a Fourth Grader

Parents, grandparents or others who have a kid who is in the fourth grade can make this a special event for their children as they have made it halfway through fourth grade. Show them some love by taking them out for a special treat after school, spending some time with them one-on-one, or letting them choose what is on the menu for dinner. National Fourth Graders Day can be kept super simple while allowing for a child to feel extra special and loved on this important day.

It might be fun to plan the day as a surprise but, equally, it might be important to show respect for a fourth grader by allowing them to have a voice in the way they spend their special day. Check with them on what they would prefer as they learn to make choices, act on their own volition and voice their own references and opinions. The kids are growing up fast and this might be a great way to encourage them in it!

Read Some Fourth Grade Books

Adults who are parents, aunts, uncles or friends of fourth graders – or even those who just remember being in fourth grade – can certainly join in on the fun by reaching back into the ast and reading some literature that is on their level. In honor of National Fourth Graders Day, ho over to the library or local bookstore and consider picking up one of these books that might make a great read:

  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume (1972)
  • From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg (1967)
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio (2012)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (1964)

Become a Fourth Grade Teacher

Those who absolutely love kids this age and want to make a huge impact on their future might want to consider becoming a teacher for fourth graders. The requirements may change based on the state, but usually a bachelor’s degree plus a teaching license or certificate is required before becoming an elementary school teacher. Fourth grade is a great age to work with and, as a teacher, it means that National Fourth Graders Day can be celebrated each and every year with a new group of students!

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