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Show some appreciation and love for those who work for themselves – whether in the freelancer world or the gig economy – by celebrating National Freelancers Day! 

History of National Freelancers Day

The idea of a freelance worker, in other words, someone who is self-employed and hires themselves out on contract for a term, is actually a practice that dates back hundreds of years. Before freelance writers, graphic designers, photographers or consultants, there were freelance armies. In fact, in the 1800s, mercenaries were hired out as soldiers for armies in England, giving the term “free lance” its name.

Today, freelancers are less likely to be charging on a battlefield and more likely to be wordsmithing or computer coding. But, even so, these independent, self-employed workers deserve some serious love and respect, often showing up in a pinch to clean up a situation or provide last minute support that saves the day.

Some might even say that freelancers are heroes! And since heroes deserve large amounts of honor and respect, National Freelancers Day was founded. For this group of folks who rarely get acknowledged – going without benefits like sick pay or paid holidays off – it’s time to acknowledge and celebrate this day!

National Freelancers Day is always celebrated on a Friday, perhaps with the hopes of allowing for an extended weekend for those who work for themselves.

In 2023, in an effort to launch National Freelancers Day and truly honor those who provide for themselves through freelance and gig work, the Robinhood Retirement company held a contest that gave 500 freelancers a full day’s worth of work.

How to Celebrate National Freelancers Day

Enter into the world of freelancers and gig workers by showing them some appreciation in celebration of National Freelancers Day. Consider participating with some of these ideas:

Hire a Freelancer

Many freelancers are out in the world regularly looking for work, so National Freelancers Day is a great time to consider hiring a freelancer or gig worker the next time there’s a need for short term work. From building a website to designing a new logo, from writing copy for a company newsletter to hiring a social media specialist, there are tons of ways that freelance workers can be included in the culture of a business.

Thank a Freelancer 

From a business standpoint, those who have freelancers working for them can certainly use National Freelancers Day as an opportunity to say thank you. Just like National Receptionists Day, or National Boss’ Day, this is a great day to show coworkers that they are appreciated. If they work remotely, it’s possible to say thank you with an online gift certificate or some other virtual treat!   

Hug a Freelancer

Those who are friends or family members of someone who works in the freelance world might want to take National Freelancers Day as an opportunity to show appreciation and love to a freelancer. Give them a big hug, take them out for a cup of coffee, or buy them some flowers. Whatever they would enjoy, do something that will show a freelancer how much they are appreciated.

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