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Getting a college or university education in the US has become more expensive and less accessible over recent decades. With hopes for a better future for so many young people with potential, National Higher Education Day seeks to celebrate the possibilities and dreams of future college graduates. The day also raises awareness about the need for college preparedness and provides a platform for advocates of higher education, particularly through scholarship and other financial support opportunities. 

History of National Higher Education Day

The inaugural celebration of National Higher Education Day took place in 2015 after it was founded through the efforts of Izamar Olaguez and Marcie Hronis. The purpose behind the day was to encourage students to pursue higher education, along with shining a spotlight and raising awareness about the need for more affordable tuition and fees at colleges and universities, particularly in the United States.

While the day officially started in fairly recent years, the background of and motivation behind this day goes back 50 years prior to its first celebration, starting with the National Higher Education Act of 1965. The aim of this act was to improve the possibilities for students by offering assistance through higher education programs and financial assistance, making college more accessible for everyone.

The team behind National Higher Education Day states that their goal is to fully equip and prepare every student in the United States for a higher education, academically and scholastically as well as financially.

How to Celebrate National Higher Education Day

Show some care and appreciation by inspiring potential college students and encouraging them to go far in life during National Higher Education Day. Consider some of these ideas to get on board with celebrating and embracing this event:

Donate to a Scholarship Program 

One of the most excellent ways to celebrate National Higher Education Day is to make a donation that helps make it possible for an upcoming student to get the training and degree they need to make their impact on the world. This can happen through a number of different programs and charities that provide college scholarships for students from different backgrounds or with unique interests for the future.

Promote Higher Education

Teachers, parents, students and other community leaders can all play a part in National Higher Education Day by using their voice throughout their sphere of influence. This might mean having a conversation with a potential college student, helping to tutor a high school student for college preparedness, or sharing about higher education experiences and opportunities on social media.

Host a National Higher Education Day Event

High schools, colleges, libraries and other community activists can work together for National Higher Education Day to put on events that promote awareness and accessibility. Invite the community to a lecture, an open college day, a scholarship review seminar, a financial aid workshop or some other form of gathering that tears down barriers and helps potential students get their needs met.

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