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It might be chilly outside in this January weather for many people, but it can be warm and toasty inside that tummy when enjoying a delightful traditional alcoholic drink, the hot buttered rum. So raise a mug and toast this sweet and spicy flavor by celebrating National Hot Buttered Rum Day! 

History of National Hot Buttered Rum Day

National Hot Buttered Rum Day has a background that can be followed back to the mid 17th century when the alcoholic drink, rum, made its way from Jamaica to the United States. Not long after, folks began adding it to drinks and using it in many different ways, whether in cold drinks or hot ones. It is likely that the Hot Toddy was the ancestor of this drink, evolving and changing with a few tweaks to eventually become hot buttered rum. 

While this warm and tasty hot beverage has had varying seasons of highs and lows in popularity over the years, it has remained a staple over the past few centuries. Hot buttered rum is often associated with cold months and many people like to enjoy and serve it during the winter holiday season including Christmas or the New Year. National Hot Buttered Rum Day offers a special opportunity to show some love and appreciation for the warm feeling this drink offers, particularly during the winter months. 

How to Celebrate National Hot Buttered Rum Day

Obviously it doesn’t actually need to be a holiday to enjoy a warm cup of this tasty, warming drink. But National Hot Buttered Rum Day offers a delightful little reminder for those who want to celebrate. Check out some of these ideas to honor the day:

Enjoy a Cup of Hot Buttered Rum

Make plans to celebrate National Hot Buttered Rum Day with one of the simplest and best ideas – drink a mug full of this delicious, wintry treat. Some bars and pubs will likely have this drink on their list, and even if it is not named on the menu, it is likely that any decent bartender will know how to make one. Be sure to order up a hot buttered rum on this important day!

Try Making Hot Buttered Rum at Home

Aspiring mixologists and home bartenders can certainly let the fun fly on National Hot Buttered Rum Day! The most basic list of ingredients starts with rum, of course. Some people like to use a dark rum, one that has been barrel aged to provide a stronger and more robust taste. Others are happy with a mild golden rum or a spiced rum as the base.

Other ingredients for making hot buttered rum include hot water, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and a number of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. And don’t forget that cinnamon stick for a garnish! For a unique variation, some might choose to add cocoa powder, maple syrup, orange juice, salted caramel or whipped cream.

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