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Hummingbirds are a vital part of the ecosystems where they live in North America and South America, ranging from Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina all the way up to the lower parts of Alaska. Their important role in the food web includes pollinating different flowering plants with their long, slender beaks. 

Because of climate changes and the impact on their habitat, all species of hummingbirds are currently on the list of vulnerable or endangered species through the IUCN Red List. National Hummingbird Day is here to show appreciation for and honor these tiny little creatures.

History of National Hummingbird Day

Established in 1996, National Hummingbird Day was founded by bird lover Penny Elliston. Because August and September are some of the busiest times that hummingbirds appear in the northern hemisphere, this is a great time to celebrate these tiniest little birds!

National Hummingbird Day was established with the purpose of raising awareness for these tiny little birds, hoping that more people would get involved to make sure they are fed and cared for!

How to Celebrate National Hummingbird Day

Enjoy learning a bit more and make an impact on nature by celebrating National Hummingbird Day with some fun plans:

Learn Facts about Hummingbirds 

So many creatures in nature are absolutely fascinating and the hummingbird is no different! Celebrate National Hummingbird Day by learning and sharing a few facts about this captivating bird to raise awareness for the day. Get started with a few of these:

  • Hummingbirds are the smallest migrating bird but, unlike other birds, they usually travel alone – up to 500 miles at a time.

  • Hummingbirds don’t have a sense of smell so they are attracted by bright colors, which is why their feeders should be brightly decorated.

  • The name, “hummingbird” comes from the buzzing or humming noise that their wings make when they are flying. Their wings may beat up to 200 times per second.

  • Hummingbirds are extremely lightweight, comparable to a small coin (a US nickel) and can consume up to twice their body weight in one day.

Design a Hummingbird Friendly Garden

Show some love and appreciation for hummingbirds by inviting them into the garden at home! Hummingbird gardens do best when trellises, trees, sheds or fences are used to create height with climbing vines. Nectar producing flowering plants may be favorites, but they can be chosen based on whatever is native to the local area. Plants with red or tubular flowers are favorites of hummingbirds. And, of course, install a hummingbird feeder that will help to attract and feed these sweet little birds all throughout the season.

Bird lovers can find a wide variety of ways to enjoy and celebrate these interesting creatures with days spread throughout the year, like National Bird Day in January, Feed the Birds Day in February, National Go Birding Day in April and many others! 

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