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A peaceful and enjoyable way to spend time, kiting offers exciting adventures and learning opportunities from the very young to those with more life experience. National Kite Month is here to show some love and appreciation for this beautiful and fascinating hobby! 

History of National Kite Month

Flying kites is an activity that has been around for many centuries starting in Asian cultures and moving around the world from there. National Kite Month was founded through the high-flying efforts of the American Kitefliers Association (A.K.A.), which is an organization that was founded in New Mexico in 1964. Now boasting thousands of members in at least 25 countries, the American Kitefliers Association sponsors National Kite Month with the hope of encouraging more interest in kite flying and helping kitefliers make connections locally and all over the world!

This event also encourages people to learn more about the history of flying kites while considering the future of one of the world’s favorite pastimes. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the joy and delight that comes from letting out that line, catching the wind and soaring high.

April has been announced as National Kite Month because it is the time of year when the wind and the weather are often at their best. Also, the first full month of Spring offers opportunities for new starts, where kitefliers are bringing their kites out into the warming weather and preparing for a delightful new season of flying free!

How to Celebrate National Kite Month

Looking for breezy ideas to enjoy and celebrate National Kite Month? Get started with some of these activities and plans:

Have Fun Flying a Kite

The main order of business for National Kite Month is to get out and fly a kite! And since there are 30 whole days to do it in, it seems like this would be good to do several times throughout – perhaps on the weekend, depending on the weather. Kite flying offers benefits as an excellent family and social activity, providing exercise and a good reason to spend time outdoors.

Join the American Kitefliers Association

Perhaps this time of year would be the right time to join and connect with more folks who have interest in flying kites by joining the American Kitefliers Association. Even though it has “American” in the title, this is an international group of like-minded individuals who are also passionate about their love of kites! Members of the association get access to perks such as a library of resources, a regular magazine, and optional family members included. With more than 60 affiliated clubs and 60 merchant members, it’s a great way to get access to more exciting news and happenings in the kite world in celebration of National Kite Month. 

Those folks who just really love celebrating kites don’t have to stop here! Other events related to kites include International Kite Day on January 14, National Kite Flying Day on February 8, and even National Big Wind Day situated in April.    

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