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Marking the day that means the coming Christmas is closer than last year’s Christmas, National Leon Day falls just in the middle! It serves as an invitation (or for some, perhaps, a warning) that it’s time to get ready for the next winter holiday season.

History of National Leon Day

Just halfway through the year between Christmases, National Leon Day offers the opportunity for those who are big fans of Christmas to enjoy and celebrate! This day is especially important to those who are crafters and hand-makers of items that might be sold as gifts during the busy season in December.

While it is unclear exactly how this day came about, it is likely that the name came from a simple backwards spelling of the word “Noel”, which is a word borrowed from the French language meaning “Christmas”. With the obvious backward spelling being “LEON”.

Whether a crafter or just a lover of Christmas, National Leon Day can be a fun way to break up the monotony and throw in some delightful reasons to celebrate!

How to Celebrate National Leon Day

Celebrating National Leon Day can be loads of fun with some of these ideas for enjoying this time:

Enjoy Some National Leon Day Activities

While most people might be enjoying a backyard summer barbecue, this might be a fun time to be a little different and throw a party in honor of the day. Pull out those Christmas decorations, wear ugly sweaters, hand a wreath, string popcorn, send Christmas cards or make those favorite Christmas cookies. This might be a great time to do those things that always seem like too much to do in the month of December.

Get Crafting for National Leon Day

For those who are handy and like to plan ahead, National Leon Day is the time to get started on those Christmas crafting projects. Or to finish the ones that were started last year!

Whether sewing quilts, knitting sweaters, or making ornaments, this is a great time to get motivated to work on those Christmas projects. Plus, some crafting stores, fabric stores and art supply stores might be celebrating National Leon Day by offering special discounts and sales for crafters. This day precedes what are often Christmas in July sales, allowing for an even better head start on getting ready for Christmas.

Make a Donation to Charity

Many people have such large credit card bills near Christmas that making a donation at that time might be difficult. Perhaps, taking a moment for National Leon Day to make a donation to a charity of choice would be a good way to honor and observe the day.

Go Christmas Shopping for National Leon Day

For those who struggle with the stress and pressure of shopping during the busiest season of the year, perhaps this would be a good time to get that holiday shopping done early! Check out summertime sales on toys, electronics, books and other items that will easily keep a few months until it is time to exchange gifts at Christmas time.

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