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Get ready to celebrate all of the great things that the state of Louisiana has to offer to the world, because it’s time for National Louisiana Day!

History of National Louisiana Day

Joining the USA as the 18th state in the Union, Louisiana was added as a state in 1812, less than a decade after the famous Louisiana purchase. Louisiana has roots that are extremely French, but its culture has also been strongly influenced by Africans as well as Spanish culture. It’s a hotbed for Creole and Cajun cultures that have their own unique foods, music and experiences!

With Baton Rouge as the capitol, Louisiana offers a whole lot of unique and interesting experiences, the first celebration of National Louisiana Day took place in 2017.

How to Celebrate National Louisiana Day

Have a heck of a lot of fun on National Louisiana Day when you and some friends participate in the various activities and events! Try out some of these ideas for ways to celebrate:

Visit Louisiana

Not local to Louisiana? That’s okay! This is the perfect time to visit. And those who live in the state of Louisiana get a free pass for this one because they’re already there! In any case, National Louisiana Day would be an ideal time to do some tourism throughout the state, visiting the capital of Baton Rouge or the “Big Easy” itself, New Orleans.

Enjoy a swamp tour, listen to some jazz music, eat some Cajun or Creole cuisine, visit the historic French Quarter, see the tallest state capitol building in Baton Rouge, or check out the Tabasco Factory Museum. There’s plenty to do and tons to see on National Louisiana day as well as all throughout the year!

Try Some Gumbo

It’s no surprise that the official state food of Louisiana is gumbo! This delicious spicy soup is made from sausage, seafood, vegetables and is served thick over rice. Making and eating gumbo on National Louisiana Day offers a little nod to the history of this great state.

Learn Fun Facts About Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is filled with a wide variety of interesting facts that can be shared in honor of National Louisiana Day. Share bits of trivia with friends or coworkers on the day and raise awareness. Get started with some of these little bits of info:

  • Louisiana doesn’t have counties. In fact, it is the only state in the US that has “parishes” instead of counties.

  • The Louisiana Native Guards were the first part of the American army to promote African Americans officers within their units, first swearing them in in 1862.

  • Louisiana hosts the largest bridge in the world that runs continuously over a body of water. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway runs for 24 miles, directly connecting the northern parts of the “toe” of the boot with New Orleans.

  • An offer was made to France for the US to purchase the city of New Orleans for $10 million, but Napoleon countered the purchase with the entire Louisiana Territory for just $15 million total.

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