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National Maine Day is celebrated on December 21st every year, and it invites everyone to explore Maine’s beauty and heritage.

This day marks a moment to reflect on Maine’s contributions to America’s landscape, from its vast forests to its iconic coastline. Celebrated since 2017, it honors Maine’s statehood and all the unique traits that set it apart​​​​.

Maine stands out for its stunning natural scenery, a treasure chest of forests, and an impressive coastline stretching for thousands of miles.

The day encourages exploration of Maine’s great outdoors, which ranges from hiking up its tallest peak, Mount Katahdin, to tasting the state’s famous lobster. It’s an appreciation of Maine’s simple joys, like the serene beauty of its landscapes and vivid nature​​.

Why celebrate National Maine Day? It’s about more than just the state itself. It’s a nod to Maine’s rich history, from its earliest explorations to its role in American literature and politics. Icons like Henry David Thoreau and Harriet Beecher Stowe have ties to this land.

For them and many others, it has inspired countless historical stories and moments. This day is a chance to immerse oneself in Maine, embracing its culture, history, and natural wonders​​.

History of National Maine Day

National Maine Day is a recent addition to the calendar of days celebrating the unique qualities of U.S. states.

This special day falls on the anniversary of Maine’s admission to the Union as the 23rd state as part of the Missouri Compromise on March 15, 1820. The day highlights Maine’s contributions to American history, distinctive landscapes, and role in the nation’s economy and culture.

Maine’s history is deeply rooted in both Native American heritage and European exploration. The state has evolved since the early days of European settlement in the 1600s, through its period as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and finally to its statehood in the early 19th century.

Its economy has seen significant contributions from the lobster and blueberry industries, with Maine supplying a major portion of the country’s demand for these products. The state’s vast forests and scenic coastlines make it a popular destination for tourists and nature lovers alike.

How to Celebrate National Maine Day

Celebrating National Maine Day can involve various activities that highlight the state’s diverse offerings. From exploring the great outdoors to enjoying local cuisine, there are countless ways to appreciate what Maine offers.

In addition, you can learn about its history, support local businesses, and participate in Maine-themed events. Whether you’re a resident or just a fan of the Pine Tree State, National Maine Day provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Maine’s unique charm and contributions​​​​​​​​.

To celebrate National Maine Day, visit one of Maine’s iconic lighthouses, which dot the scenic coastline. You could also bake a blueberry pie with locally sourced blueberries, paying homage to one of the state’s famous exports.

Hosting a seafood feast featuring Maine lobster and clams offers a taste of the state’s rich culinary traditions. Adventure seekers might prefer hiking in Acadia National Park or exploring the numerous trails across the state.

Additionally, visiting a museum can offer insights into Maine’s history and culture, enriching your appreciation for the state.

Supporting local businesses by purchasing Maine-made products—from crafts to foods—also contributes to the local economy and celebrates the state’s craftsmanship.

Lastly, sharing your National Maine Day activities on social media with relevant hashtags can spread the spirit of the day far and wide, encouraging others to join in the celebration.

These activities, drawn from various recommendations, showcase the diverse ways to enjoy and honor the essence of Maine on this special day.

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