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Whether they are action-packed, filled with romance, hold some history or simply offer a laugh, movies tend to bring people together. Movies tell stories, bring out feelings and provide connection to experiences and places that might otherwise be impossible for many people to access. National Movie Night is here to raise a glass (or a tub of popcorn!) to the fun, adventure, horror and drama that can all be found when people watch a movie together! 

History of National Movie Night

Of course, the history of movies can be traced back more than a century, first with silent films, then with “talkies.” It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that people began to be able to watch movies at home, first on television networks and then with video cassettes.

But the first celebration of this National Movie Night took place much more recently, in 2022. The event was established through the efforts of journalist and movie-lover Jennifer Borget, who runs a blog and writes movie reviews, along with her publication of a movie night journal and guide. The purpose of the event was simply to encourage people to enjoy a night of stories and entertainment with family and friends.

How to Celebrate National Movie Night

Almost anyone can participate and enjoy the fun of National Movie Night. Whether going out to the theater or watching from home, this is a great time to catch some classics or get turned on to a new movie genre. Check out some of these ideas to get started with:

Grab the Best Movie Night Snacks

Everyone knows that a movie night without snacks is just… well, it shouldn’t even exist! In preparation for movie night, head over to the supermarket to pick up some favorite snacks of the family members or friends who will join in. From classic gummy bears to freshly-popped popcorn with butter, from homemade brownies to spicy hot corn chips, National Movie Night is so much better with something tasty to munch on!

Enjoy a Movie Night

Grab the family, invite a friend over or just indulge in some alone time – just you and your movies! However you like to enjoy movies, and with whomever you like to enjoy them, National Movie Night is the time to schedule some fiction, fantasy or adventurous film fun. Those who are particularly fond of movies might want to call in for a mental health day and take the whole day to binge watch some of their favorite amazing stories.

Work on a Movie Night Journal

Want to keep things organized and make sure that every movie is given its proper due? Or, even better, want to make a keepsake with the kids of all of the best movies the family has seen together? National Movie Night is just the time to work on a scrapbook or journal that encompasses everyone’s favorite movie adventures. Provide dates and movie titles as well as impressions, thoughts, or even drawings of the feelings or experiences evoked from each film. It’s a fun way to keep a record of the time a family or friend group has spent together at the movies.

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