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From some of the most incredible classical songs like Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” to Felix Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”, songs played on the pipe organ offer a remarkable ability to inspire awe. With a rich musical heritage claiming a significant place in various concert and religious settings, the pipe organ deserves to be honored and celebrated. And that’s why National Pipe Organ Day is here!

History of National Pipe Organ Day

With a background that can be traced all the way back to the 3rd century BC, the pipe organ has a history that is worth knowing more about. The pipe organ has been mechanized in different ways over the years, through the weight of displaced water in an airtight container, using bellows to create wind, and sometimes even requiring 70 men to blow into the pipes to create the air for the sound.

Producing a sound made by pressured air, or “wind”, that is sent through each individual pipe, the choice of the notes is made by selecting each pipe through the corresponding keyboard. Pipe organs are quite large and take up a large amount of space in churches or concert halls, where they are often placed at the back or to the side of a large gathering space, sometimes in a balcony area.

National Pipe Organ Day is here to show appreciation for and learn more about this unique and special musical instrument!

How to Celebrate National Pipe Organ Day

Show some love for musical traditions and get involved with observing National Pipe Organ Day with some of these interesting ideas:

Visit a Pipe Organ

Whether in a church, a concert hall or another space, one of the best things to do on National Pipe Organ Day is to visit a place where it is possible to see or even hear a pipe organ being played. Many times, especially in large churches, access to see pipe organs is free, but hearing the organ played will depend on the schedule of events, whether a church service, concert or some other event.

Attend a National Pipe Organ Day Events

In honor of this day, concert halls and churches that hold pipe organs may get involved by hosting gatherings, educational events or even concerts where the pipe organ is played. National Pipe Organ Day is a perfect opportunity for such spaces to promote the beauty and magnificence of these incredible instruments, particularly in a world where such traditions and history may have fallen by the wayside.

Learn More About Pipe Organs

Catch the excitement of National Pipe Organ Day by learning and sharing some interesting facts, such as these:

  • The pipe organ with the largest number of pipes was finished in 1932 and is located in New Jersey. It has 33,114 pipes and weighs more than 150 tons.

  • A pipe organ located in the Philippines is made entirely out of bamboo.

  • While people often associate pipe organs with churches, the first church to actually house one was in 900 AD, at least 1100 years after it was invented.

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