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American people have more guns per capita than citizens of any other country in the developed world, specifically handguns. Tens of thousands of people die from gun deaths every year, many of which are accidental and happen in the home. National SAFE Day is here to encourage communities and households to evaluate their safety, particularly when it comes to firearms. 

History of National SAFE Day

The first National SAFE Day took place in 2016 when it was founded by the Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation. The purpose behind the day was to raise awareness about the importance of practicing firearm safety and to remind people about the devastating impact carelessness can have on individuals, families and communities.

National SAFE Day is observed on June 4 as it is the anniversary of the accidental shooting of Brooklynn Mae Mohler that took place in 2013. Mohler was only 13 years old when she was visiting a friend and was shot when her friend found a gun in a kitchen cabinet and began playing with it. The safety was off and, tragically, Brooklynn was killed as a result.

This day was founded by her parents in honor of Brooklynn and children like her who have been unnecessarily wounded or killed due to firearm accidents. National SAFE Day seeks to bring attention to the need to safely store firearms in the home and to remember the many children whose lives have been lost in this manner.

How to Observe National SAFE Day

Take some important actions and raise awareness about family and community safety by observing National SAFE Day with some of these ideas:

Store Firearms Safely

Those who choose to have firearms in their house must be diligent and meticulous about keeping their family and community protected by storing them properly. National SAFE Day uses the acronym SAFE to act as a simple reminder of the best practices for firearm safety in your own home or someone else’s:

  • Secure all firearms in the home
  • Ask questions of homes your child visits
  • Frequently talk to children about the dangers of firearms
  • Educate and Empower others in the community to be safe

National SAFE Day is also a good time to share these principles on social media to get more people involved and prevent more gun deaths!

Learn About Firearms Facts 

When individuals make choices about whether they should purchase a firearm, it is important to be educated about the statistics, risks, issues and responsibilities that can come with owning a gun. Consider some of these facts related to firearms:

  • Though many people buy firearms for personal protection, according to a 2022 study, owning a gun puts people in the home at a greater risk of being killed

  • While mass shootings are the most visible form of gun violence in the US, they only account for a small portion of all fatal shootings

  • One study has shown that women living with handgun owners were 50% more likely to to die by suicide than their female neighbors without handguns

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