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A delicious and tasty snack that’s nutritious and fun to eat, string cheese is the star of the show for National String Cheese Day!

History of National String Cheese Day

String cheese is a quaint little snack that is fun and delicious to eat. Kids especially love the way this cheese is made so that it can be peeled off of the cheese stick in “strings” that can then be eaten one at a time. Usually made of white cheese such as mozzarella, though it can also include a blend of other types of cheeses.

This type of cheese is unique because it is made from mozzarella cheese that is heated. When it is brought to certain temperature levels (around 140 degrees F), the process realigns the milk proteins and creates the stringy texture. After it is cooled, the cheese can then be peeled into strips.

The concept of string cheese is actually a fairly recent invention, at least compared to the history of cheese in general. The idea is believed to have come about in the mid-1970s when Wisconsin cheesemaker Frank Baker thought up the idea of offering snack-sized, individually wrapped portions of mozzarella cheese. It became popular in the 1980s

National String Cheese Day was founded in 2017 by Galbani Cheese, a cheese company from Italy that also markets string cheese in the United States. This is a fun day to celebrate this delightful and healthy snack that is beloved by kids (and kids at heart) all over.

How to Celebrate National String Cheese Day

Have a super fun time celebrating everything to do with National String Cheese Day with some of these fun ideas:

Enjoy Eating Some String Cheese

Since it’s a bit of a finger food, many adults tend to stop eating string cheese as they grow up. But National String Cheese Day is the right time to forget about being a grown-up and eat with those fingers again! Grab a snack-sized package of string cheese and enjoy a little snack in honor of the day.

Share Some String Cheese with Friends

When purchased in larger packages, string cheese is perfect for sharing because they are often sold in individually wrapped lunchbox or snack sized portions. Grab a large package and pass them out to coworkers at the office. Take a walk around the neighborhood and pass out string cheese. Or just make sure every family member gets a portion of string cheese in their lunch box in honor of National String Cheese Day!

Cook with String Cheese

String Cheese can be used for more than just snacking. This type of mozzarella cheese can be an ingredient in a variety of recipes. This might include recipes such as fried or baked mozzarella sticks, stuffed peppers, pizza flavored crescent rolls, stuffed crust pizza and so much more.

Feel free to come up with National String Cheese Day makes the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen using delicious and nutritious string cheese!

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