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With the hope of having healthier people on a healthier planet, No Meat May is here to encourage folks to band together and create a better life for themselves, their community and the environment. 

History of No Meat May

No Meat May was launched in Australia in 2013 with the purpose of reminding people all over the world about the negative impact that eating meat can have and encouraging them to make healthier choices by not eating meat for this month. The event started with a very small group of just 30 friends who wanted to make a difference by giving up meat for the month of May.

This grass-roots event has grown each year in more than a decade, eventually turning into a global event that has experienced exponential growth. 2021 showed more than 130,000 people participating in No Meat May that year and the numbers continue to grow. And a large majority of these participants report that joining in with this event has changed their lives for the better.

How to Celebrate No Meat May

Make a difference in the health of yourself, your family and the entire planet by getting involved with No Meat May using some of these ideas:

Learn Reasons to Cut Out Meat 

If cutting out meat feels like a radical lifestyle change, perhaps it would be a good idea to learn a bit more about the motivational factors that lie behind No Meat May. The organizers for the event refer to these as their 4 Big Reasons:

  • Improve Your Health

    Enjoy many health benefits and prevent many chronic diseases by eating a plant-rich diet

  • Save the Planet

    Reducing animal based products including meat will give the environment a break and help save the planet

  • End Factory Farming

    Avoid animal cruelty by purchasing fewer animal based products

  • Feed the World

    Eating less meat and animal products means there is more farmland to grow foods that are more sustainable and can be shared with more people

Go Vegetarian for No Meat May

Simply cutting meat out of a person’s diet for a month can make a huge difference in their own health as well as the environment. Choose healthy non-meat alternatives for gaining protein in foods like beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and even whole grains. Not ready to cut meat out completely for a month? That’s okay! Why not start smaller and reduce meat-eating to only one meal per day?

Try Some No Meat May Recipes

The organizers of this event work hard to make sure everyone is equipped with the tools and resources they need to be successful for No Meat May, perhaps even taking the no-meat, plant-based habit into the other months of the year as a healthy lifestyle. Head over to the No Meat May website to get access to various recipes, meal plans, food prep ideas and much more. 

Go Vegan for No Meat May

While cutting out meat is great, the founders over at No Meat May offer challenges for dedicated folks to consider cutting out all animal based products and go completely plant based for the month. This means choosing plant-based milks over dairy milk, substituting in vegan cheese and preparing meals using egg alternatives.

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