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Home offices are becoming more and more commonplace, especially since the pandemic required more people to work from home. In fact, one statistic shows that at least one in three American households have a home office, and the number of people primarily working from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. 

And it isn’t even necessary to be self-employed or work from home to have a home office! A space with a desk, table or some filing cabinets may be used simply for sorting through bills, finances, documents, mail and all those other fun things that people love saving for a rainy day. Having a designated workspace can certainly make everything run faster and smoother.

Still, as with the kitchen, living room and pretty much every other room under the roof, the home office can have a tendency to become messy, dusty, cluttered, disorganized and, as a result of this combination, a hindrance to its very purpose.

If it seems like it would be a good idea to have a special day set aside for organization of this room, then you are not alone! It’s time for National Organize Your Home Office Day.

History of National Organize Your Home Office Day

The idea for National Organize Your Home Office Day seems to have started all the way back in 1992 when it was originally celebrated on the fourth Tuesday in the month of March. But a few years later, the day was moved to the second Tuesday of March where it has been celebrated each year since.

This day dedicated to keeping home office spaces organized was established by Lisa Kanarek, who runs The Home Office Life website and is also an expert when it comes to organization. She literally wrote the book on the topic!

National Organize Your Home Office Day counters the chaos that a home office can tend to invite by providing the motivation to throw away the trash and shred the unwanted paperwork. Recycle those drinks cans and polish the desk. clean the windows. Alphabetise the filing system. Fill up those stationery reserves. And maybe even get a potted plant to help energize the room even further!

How to Celebrate National Organize Your Home Office Day

Looking for some specific ways to observe and show appreciation for National Organize Your Home Office Day? Try out some of these ideas for ways to celebrate this day:

Organize Your Home Office

Of course, the first point of order and the main purpose for this entire day is right in the name: National Organize Your Home Office Day. Depending on the state of the room, this might be a project that can fit into the one day. Or it could be that this is a good day to begin but it might be a project that can be done in short bursts over several days.

Though it might seem a little far-fetched, it’s even possible to have fun while doing it. This can be accomplished by setting yourself a time limit, putting on a favorite album and seeing just how beautiful and work-conducive you can make that room in an hour or two!

And remember, the more organized your home office, the less time you’ll need to spend there in the long run. What more incentive is needed?

Get Tips on How To Organize Your Home Office

Sometimes organizing a space needs more than just putting things where they belong. Home offices come with their own certain types of challenges that need to be addressed. Reading a book or visiting some websites that give the reader information and ideas might be a helpful way to do some homework ahead of the observance of National Organize Your Home Office Day.

In fact, the title of one of these books is literally in the name of the day: Organize Your Home Office by Lisa Kanarek is a classic. Visit her website at The Home Office Life for regular tips and tricks included in her blog that can help even the most chaotic work-from-home space to be a bit more work friendly. 

Decorate Your Home Office

For those who are pretty good at keeping their home workspaces organized, perhaps this would be a good time to buy some pictures, prints or other motivating decor. Or give the walls a splash of color with a coat of paint to help stay motivated when working from home.

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