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Quacker Day is a lively celebration honoring the beloved Jeanne Bice and her clothing line, Quacker Factory.

This day brings together fans, affectionately called “Quackers,” who share a passion for the unique, colorful, and sparkly designs that Bice introduced on QVC.

The event is about fashion and the vibrant community that Bice nurtured through her warm and inclusive personality.

The importance of Quacker Day lies in its celebration of friendship and fun. Fans of Quacker Factory come together, often wearing the brand’s signature outfits adorned with sequins and bright colors.

These gatherings are filled with laughter, shared stories, and a strong sense of belonging. It’s a day where individuals can express their joy and creativity, inspired by Bice’s philosophy of adding sparkle to everyday life.

Celebrating Quacker Day also honors the strong sense of community that Bice built. Quackers form deep bonds over their love for the clothing line, often greeting each other with a cheerful “quack.”

This tradition, along with various get-togethers and events, helps maintain a spirited and supportive network of friends.

It’s a unique celebration that extends beyond fashion, highlighting the lasting impact of Bice’s work on her devoted followers​.

History of Quacker Day

Quacker Day began in 2010. Jeanne Bice, the founder of Quacker Factory, started this day. She wanted to celebrate her unique clothing line and the community it inspired.

The first celebration happened on the anniversary of her debut on QVC, where she gained many fans.

Bice’s appearance on QVC in 1995 made her a favorite among viewers. Her vibrant designs and cheerful personality attracted a large following. Fans of her clothing, known as “Quackers,” loved the sense of fun and friendship that came with wearing her designs.

Quacker Day quickly became a special time for these fans to come together. They would celebrate by wearing sparkly, colorful clothes and sharing their joy.

This event honors the lasting impact of Bice’s creativity and the strong community she built around her brand.

How to Celebrate Quacker Day

Sparkle Parade

Why not start the day with a Sparkle Parade? Gather friends and family, don your brightest, shiniest Quacker Factory clothes, and strut your stuff.

Add some homemade glitter signs and walk around your neighborhood, spreading joy and laughter. Everyone loves a parade, especially one that sparkles!

Bling Party

Host a Bling Party at home. Invite friends over and encourage them to dress up in their most bedazzled outfits.

Decorate your space with sequins and fairy lights. Serve colorful snacks and drinks. Play fun games and enjoy the glitz and glamour together. A party filled with sparkle can never go wrong.

Creative Crafting

Dive into some creative crafting! Get some plain clothing items and lots of shiny accessories like sequins, rhinestones, and glitter glue.

Spend the afternoon decorating your clothes with friends. Let everyone unleash their inner fashion designer. It’s a great way to make unique pieces and have a lot of fun in the process.

Online Connection

Join the Quacker community online. Find forums or social media groups where Quackers gather. Share your favorite outfits, swap stories, and even have virtual meetups.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with others who share your love for all things sparkly, no matter where they are in the world.

Fashion Show

Organize a mini fashion show at home or online. Encourage participants to showcase their best Quacker Factory outfits.

Add some playful commentary and prizes for the best looks. It’s an entertaining way to appreciate everyone’s unique style and celebrate the spirit of Quacker Day together​.

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