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Raspberries are a fruit that is undeniably unique among the wide variety of fruits out in the world; with a sweet tartness and a seedy interior, raspberries make desserts a different experience entirely.

National Raspberry Cake Day celebrates just one example of the sweet concoctions that is delightful to experience. Today, we’re celebrating the history of raspberries, cakes, and their fantastically sweet combination that’ll make your tastebuds ecstatic!

History of National Raspberry Cake Day

Raspberries have been around since the Paleolithic age when our long-forgotten ancestors would pick raspberries off the bushes and eat them. People didn’t cultivate raspberries until the 4th century BC, where raspberries were valued for their sweetness and were used in herbal teas and medicinal sachets.

During the 13th century, it is believed that Edward I encouraged people to cultivate the fruit the most throughout history, and soon after, raspberries began to spread to the rest of the world.

So, how did they end up in cakes? Cakes can mean multiple things depending on the culture; for the Europeans and Americans, it involves a high amount of wheat flour, eggs, and milk to create more fluffy textures, while Central and Eastern Asia think of moon cakes or rice cakes which have more density to them, along with different flavors entirely.

So, who combined raspberries and cake together? Who knows, but the combination is delicious nevertheless. On National Raspberry Cake Day, people make their preferred cake flavor and add raspberries to it. Whether it’s a cheesecake, a fruitcake, a yellow cake, or a pound cake, adding raspberries make everything better.

Raspberries have a lot of nutritional benefits to them; they contain lots of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber to help with digestion. With so many vitamins and minerals, raspberries are one of the perfect fruits to add to any sweet concoction.

How to Celebrate National Raspberry Cake Day

Make your own raspberry cake using a recipe from online, a cookbook, or a hand-me-down recipe within the family.

Try your baking skills at making a chocolate raspberry german cake, a raspberry cheesecake, or a raspberry-vanilla swirl yellow cake. If you’re not the best baker in the world, don’t worry; your local baker will be able to make it just as good.

Go to a raspberry themed festival and try out all kinds of raspberry creations. Host a raspberry-themed party and let everyone enjoy a piece of cake as you share the day with friends and family.

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