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Raspberry cream pie is an often-overlooked kind of dessert, which is why everyone who can should be sure to celebrate and enjoy everything about National Raspberry Cream Pie Day.

History of National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Dating back as far as the 1880s, raspberry cream pie seems to find its heritage in England during the Victorian times. Or at least that’s where one of the first recipes for the dessert seems to have been published, in a cookbook by James Clarke called “Tasty Dishes”, which was published in London.

Raspberries are a beautifully pinkish-red fruit that grows on vine-like bushes, with each berry containing around 100 drupelets. Native to Europe, this berry is thought to originate from Greece, then moved onto Italy, the Netherlands, England and eventually to the United States.

Along with their cousin, the strawberry, raspberries actually belong to the rose family. They appear in more than 200 different cultivars and each bush can yield up to several hundred berries every year. Red and black raspberries are the most common, but they can also be found in unique colors such as purple or yellow.

In the past, the raspberry fruit and its leaf have been used as a medical treatment for various illnesses, although it’s not as commonly used in that way today. Still, these berries are a healthy fruit that contains Vitamin C, B1, B3, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and dietary fiber.

Raspberries can be included in all sorts of delicious recipes, most commonly in jams and compotes, or in desserts. But, of course, the favorite and most beloved recipe that shines on this day is the Raspberry Cream Pie!

How to Celebrate National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Celebrating National Raspberry Cream Pie Day isn’t a chore at all! Whether making or simply eating a pie, this day is certain to bring joy and delight to anyone involved. Try these ideas for celebrating the day:

Make a Raspberry Cream Pie at Home

While some people might not consider themselves to be experts when it comes to making pies, attempting to make a special Raspberry Cream Pie for this day can be great fun! Plus, there are certain shortcuts that exist that might help in the process of making a pie at home.

For instance, many people use a pre-made refrigerated pie crust base in order to save some time. However, others prefer to make their own crust using melted butter with crushed graham crackers or vanilla flavored cookies.

The one thing that can’t be compromised or altered in the pie, however, is the filling. It is absolutely necessary that it contains heavy cream, sugar, a dash of vanilla extract and, of course, some jewel-like red or pink raspberries.

Some recipes call for the heavy cream to be mixed with a smooth raspberry syrup, while others opt for the marbling effect of crushed fruit. Whatever option is chosen, the whole amazing concoction can then be dotted with fresh raspberries to finish it off.

Once these ripe, succulent berries are in place, the whole thing can be topped off with powdered sugar, melted dark chocolate, or a few sprigs of fresh mint!

Enjoy a Unique Take on a Classic Pie

Although there is certainly nothing boring about a Raspberry Cream Pie, some people might want to use this day to level up and take it to the extreme. This can be done by adding a few extra steps to the pie-making process that turn classic into incredible.

Try these ideas for boosting up the recipes for Raspberry Cream Pie:

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Cream Pie. In addition to using regular cream, this type of recipe uses an amount of cream cheese in the filling, making it somewhat like a cheesecake. Then a drizzle of white chocolate over the top of the raspberries makes a perfect ending!
  • Vegan/Dairy-Free Raspberry Cream Pie. Those who want a vegan or dairy free option for this tasty dessert can try a vegan cream product (like Violife) along with a can of coconut cream that has been chilled in the refrigerator overnight. Creamy, delicious, and dairy-free!
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Pie. In this recipe, substitute a graham cracker crust with a chocolate cookie crust and use cocoa powder to flavor the cream filling into chocolatey goodness.
  • Black Bottom Raspberry Cream Pie. A fun take on this classic, the “black bottom” in this pie is a chocolate cookie crust covered with a base of chocolate pudding. Then it’s topped with the typical raspberry and cream filling.

Host a Raspberry Cream Pie Event

Those who have a variety of culinary-minded friends might want to host a Raspberry Cream Pie Event that includes some sort of baking contest. Also, those who aren’t quite as handy in the kitchen might decide to hold a pie-eating contest instead. In either case, gather friends, family or co-workers together to enjoy the making and/or eating of these delicious summer fruit pies. It can even be turned into a charity event by auctioning off pies, selling pies (whole or slices) or getting donations for people who attend the event.

Grow Some Raspberry Vines in the Backyard

What could be better than making a raspberry cream pie from delicious raspberries that were grown in a person’s own garden? A fairly easy fruit to grow, raspberries grow on vines that may require a bit of work to get started but eventually offer prolific amounts of fruit to harvest in the middle of summer. They have a woody stem that may not provide fruit the first season, but the following years should produce a hearty crop.

Raspberry bushes need to be planted in healthy soil with full sun exposure, approximately 3-4 feet apart. They should be watered during the growing season and harvested regularly to keep the fruit continually producing.

Pro Tip: once they are picked, don’t wash raspberries until they are ready to be used.

Learn Fun Facts About Raspberries

In celebration of this day, friends and family are likely to be greatly impressed when they hear these fun facts and trivia about raspberries:

  • In many cultures, raspberries are deeply symbolic. For instance, in certain types of art raspberries represent kindness because the red juice from the raspberry was like the blood running through the heart–the place where kindness originates.
  • Unlike many other fruits, once they’re picked, raspberries stop ripening and won’t often up in the fruit bowl. So it’s best to pick only the ones that are ready to eat!
  • The roots of raspberry bushes can survive up to 10 years! The stem is biennial, which means that it dies after two years and is replaced by a new stem growing out from itself.
  • Although medical experts haven’t proven its effectiveness, for centuries women have been using the raspberry plant (often made into a tea) as an aid with pregnancy labor or to regulate women’s monthly cycles.

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